Albert Penello questioned on use of PC footage for Xbox promo

Albert Penello is asked why MS used PC footage from Battlefield 4 for an Xbox promo.

GarrusVakarian3684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

Albert's reply doesn't make what they did any less deceiving. Putting an Xbox logo over PC footage for a MS sponsored promo AND uploading it to the official Xbox YouTube channel is just plain wrong. He doesn't even seem to understand what the problem is judging from his tweet......wow.

Angels37853684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

I can't wait to heard more BS from him....

After reading (edit): Oh look...he passed off the question and ignored the misleading nature of the footage.

abzdine3684d ago

STFU penello everyone is sick of your BS interventions.
Those guys have no honor, ready for everything to proof their point.

Lalanana3684d ago

Wow dude, I never thought you would be this close minded. Alot of games are advertise this way.. people just like to bash anything on xbox because of MS. what a shame.

Game-ur3684d ago

IMOO the thing turning gamers away from XBox is the constant spin and deception, many can look beyond the weeker specs if they trust the company to serve our interest in the long run, but right now I find that difficult, and I'm a gamer that usually buys every console but I canceled my X1 order because I just can't trust the people in charge.

SilentNegotiator3684d ago


So you're either assuming that he isn't aware of that fact or that he doesn't condemn it other times based on.....what exactly?

zeee3684d ago

Lalanana: Not even the biggest fanboy would act so blind so I am guessing that you are trolling. Imagine seeing an ad of a laptop with all these nice specs, running BF4 on max settings. Then you go buy that laptop/computer only to find out, it doesn't run BF4 on max settings. It can hardly run it on medium settings. You'd probably be like, "hey, what the hell?! This is not what was advertised" and you'll probably go and return the product.

Are you telling me that you are so sure about MS even their track record that you believe in everything they say, hell, even in their deliberate mistakes? Please be serious and don't troll me. I am actually looking forward to hearing from you.

PeaSFor3684d ago

false advertising right here....

so yeah, lying, misleading and arrogant PR seem to be the usual buisness at MS

LonDonE3683d ago


amiga-man3683d ago

M$ just cant be trusted, how many times will people let them get away with blatant lying before people stop defending them?

M$...........M........Mirrors .......S...........Smoke

dedicatedtogamers3683d ago

And yet there are people out there (setting aside the people online who are legitimate "viral marketers" hired by Microsoft) who honestly place their gaming entertainment future in the hands of Microsoft...

Kinda sad.

thekhurg3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

Dude how else is this commercial to going to air on 1080i stations? It's not like our cable/satellite can upscale 720p xbox one footage to 1080i feeds...

AsimLeonheart3683d ago


God! How blind can you be!? Lying and deceiving is WRONG! You CANNOT justify it in any way! I hope you do not justify other crimes in a similar fashion. Just because others may be doing it, does not gives you the license to do it yourself. Are you allowed to to rob a bank or kill someone just because others are already doing it? Your sense of right and wrong is really twisted.

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mrnice3684d ago

someone should gag him.or sack him.i have played em both and was getting both but they just lie. all the time come on ms.stop with the crap truth will come out when you take are money and were stuck with this crap.come march xbox 2 out 1080p without kinect.300 lol

iamnsuperman3684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

Pretty much it really. If this was uploaded on Microsoft's YouTube page and being used to advertise Windows then fine but since it was being used on the One YouTube page with a big Xbox logo on the video advertising an Xbox One promo event it is a problem

I think it might have been a mistake (didn't check the stock footage properly) but at least admit the mistake. This implies they think there is nothing is wrong in this practice

DeadlyFire3684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

Can we push a false advertising lawsuit on them now? It would be funny to do so and win I believe.

LetoAtreides823684d ago

Could be done. MS would just delete the video.

Kayant3684d ago

At first I was going to give them a pass but then I remembered they also had a trailer at the tournament yesterday but with the in-game UI (Pc footage) taken out yet in this promo vid they feel the need to keep it... Hmmmm....

Mike134nl3684d ago

It is deceiving using the pc content for the promo of the battlefield tournament. That said it was a promo of for streaming event of a battlefield tournament which was being played on xb1 consoles.
That said people who watched the tournament on their xb30 or pc were shown a live stream of battlefield being played on xb1. As a european I find it a shame europe lost.

Studio-YaMi3684d ago

I can't believe how simply he puts it,it's like he's saying :

"well yeah it's older youtube footage of the PC version but we didn't have time to make a brand new one with the XboxOne version SOOOO we are going to fool some"loyalists" by slamming the XboxOne logo onto it & saying it's XboxOne footage."

And you will STILL find some people who will defend them,just .. WOW!

GarrusVakarian3684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

Yeah, it's shocking that people will STILL defend him and MS. Its like...what do they have to do to you for you to realise how deceptive they are?

The way you put it is perfect btw, that's basically how that comment comes across to everyone but the loyalists.

Im so glad that we don't have to be a fan of MS in order to buy their console, because that would be mean i would never own an X1. How people can defend this company after all they have done and continue to do is beyond my understanding.

IcicleTrepan3684d ago

They could have put text at the bottom saying 'pc version shown due to NDA' or something short like that to at least tell you what you're seeing. But you are right, it was dishonest. That being said I don't think Albert Penello would have been the one that made this decision and it probably came from above him, although now he is defending it.

BOLO3683d ago

It's no use...Xbot's defended them when DRM was introduced...So you better believe they will defend them now until DRM is re-introduced...Stockholm syndrome at its finest.

KnightRobby3684d ago

Oh dead lord. I have no idea why MS is so effed up. But believe it or not, I sort of understand it...sort of.

In fact, they probably had to use PC footage because the advertisement was probably made during the development process for the BF4...And by the way, all launch games for both consoles are being rushed out the door. They are all going to look great, play great, but believe it or not, they are mostly ports. Meaning they are going to look terrible to the true next-gen versions without the constraints of the current-gen.

Right now everything is in flux. MS is still making mistakes though, but after watching the ACTUAL livestream the game looks great on the Xbox One. And honestly, beyond shitty marketing, the games looking and playing great is what matters here.

And by the way, it looks great on the PS4 too!

C0LLAT3684d ago

That my friend, by no means makes it ok... this is just defending why I will be going from Xbox360 to PlayStation 4. You just cant trust them.

Plain and simple.

the only people defending them are the people that have invested 7+ years of time getting achievements, and gaining Gamerscore.

these people I call xbots. Xbots will eventually be programmed to destroy the world and lye about everything.

get away from the ONE while you still can!!! lol

KnightRobby3683d ago

I'm actually going to end up getting both consoles. The PS4 and the Xbox One. Sony has done a superb job communicating with the community and offering features that, ya know, makes sense.

What I'm looking forward to is Titanfall (don't have the PC to run it, don't suggest it!), Halo 4, Forza Horizon 2...but I am equally anticipating The Order 1886 and especially Uncharted 4. Facts are I like them both.

Honestly, you're right. They should've recorded damn Xbox One footage. It just seems time and time again Microsoft just knows how to make you mad more than anything else. Such a disappointment. The fools.

C0LLAT3684d ago

Its called: false advertising.

Infamous2983684d ago

@Lalanana you are the closed minded here, worshipping a company who keep f*cking you in the ass and it keep spreading lies which only xbots like you believe in, seriously, xbots are the worst breed of fanboys, they even try to convince you that a piece of sh*t is better than PS4 smh.

3-4-53684d ago

This is the problem with companies in America. Guys like this never take responsibility for their actions and ignore or pass the blame.

They hire other people like them, and then you get whole companies ran by people who don't really know what they are doing.

Sure they can maintain current...but to progress the company they fail; every time.

They don't understand the technology or the product they are pushing or the market they are pushing it on.