402 and his PS3

As of recently, my love for my PS3 has been called into question when a blog post from over two years ago was pulled up from the watery grave of the internet and posted on Digg as well as the Playstation boards. For some reason, a post I make two years ago is news today… I guess, but I wanted to put it into context as the posting on Digg surely doesn't.

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sonarus3830d ago

I was going to point this out as lame but its an infinity ward guy so...well i guess its still kinda lame lol

Breakfast3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

scratch makes a good case.

Maddens Raiders3830d ago

dime from me.

This just makes me realize how bad I need some muthafkn KILLZONE II. There's nothing worse than a money hungry kiss-ass, than a flagrantly patronizing hater.

name3830d ago

I figured I'd post it because alot of PS3 owners are refusing to buy the maps because of the comments and he obviously thought it was important enough to make a post about, so I figured it was important enough for N4G. Come on now >:0 the GTA hookers are important, but not this. Throw me a bone I'm new to this news posting stuff.

sonarus3830d ago

I actually never heard of the original post can you show it to me?

jackdoe3830d ago

I think PS3 owners are refusing to buy maps, more for the unexplained three week gap between the 360 release, then for some comments by an IW community manager.

MattFoley3830d ago

Your not missing much, I call it the Camp Map Pack.

sonarus3830d ago

Wow that is pretty serious. The part where he says he will never own a ps3 is quite damaging. I wasn't going to get the DLC anyway as i already gave away my copy of COD4 away but if i really wanted the DLC, i doubt this would stop me.

Asurastrike3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

He is on my friends list on PSN. He played 1 game of cod4 with me in '07 (late Nov I think), then never logged on again.

DanB913830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

I dont think 402 had a PS3 till 2008. His psn id is fourzerotwoiw, NOT fourzerotwo. Fourzerotwo was taken by someone who probably hated him or something

CaliGamer3830d ago

Can come back to bite you when you least expect.

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The story is too old to be commented.