GameSpot reviews Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES

Memento Mori. That Latin phrase can be translated a few different ways, but the best version goes thusly: Remember that you are mortal. Those ancient words cross the screen during Persona 3: FES's introduction cinematic, and they set a properly mature tone for the deep and engaging role-playing that the game offers. FES is an expanded edition of last year's intense Persona 3, complete with a long new episode, dozens of new quests, and an impressive amount of other new content. However, this isn't just your standard collectors-edition fare. The extras in FES expand and deepen the core game, and the new episode, though disappointing, adds a good 30 hours of gameplay to an already-lengthy experience. This is the best way to play last year's finest RPG, and if the original release's short supply is any indication, you should grab a copy quickly before the game disappears from store shelves entirely.

The Good
* The original's dark story is as involving as ever, and continues in a long new chapter
* A glut of meaningful extras
* New social links and other enhancements strengthen the already excellent gameplay
* The new personae are beautifully designed.

The Bad
* Academics, social links, and other elements are conspicuously absent from the new chapter
* The new dungeon looks just like the old, and doesn't offer any change in scenery.

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