Albert Penello Confirms No CD Ripping to Xbox One HDD And New Xbox One Video Coming Next Week

Albert Penello via Twitter has revealed some new details related to Microsoft's next-gen Xbox console, Xbox One.

Penello confirmed that consumers won't be able to rip CD's to Xbox One's HDD as in the case in Xbox 360.

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Yo Mama2028d ago (Edited 2028d ago )

I expect to see an IGN article explaining how this is bad for Microsoft. But we won't.

JimmyLmao2028d ago

so you wont be able to listen to your CD music collection and play games at the same time... because only 1 disc can be in the tray at the one time.

FamilyGuy2028d ago (Edited 2028d ago )

And your answer for why that would be a problem while playing a digital game would be?
Why wouldn't arcade titles or any other digitally downloaded game not allow this?

Anyway, it doesn't matter, neither X1 nor PS4 support the ripping of audio cds. Will X1 allow play back of audio cds though?
Did they answer about playing MP3s at launch?
What about dlna?

I'm surprised they aren't rushing to confirm this stuff after Sony finally had some negative press. Makes me think that their system might be in the same boat :/

r1sh122028d ago

@jimmylmao - Who still buys CDs? Youre finding a reason to complain when you probably do not pay for music, and your primary music player is an Ipod or smartphone.

Seriously - Just stick it on a NAS and play over the network like I do.

otherZinc2028d ago

This pisses me off! I would like M$ to explain why I can't rip my collection to the XBOX ONE! I have a nice cd collection on my 360, that was one of the first things I was going to do with X1.

ma1asiah2028d ago

@ FamilyGuy,

The system is also DLNA compatible, and they're in the process of being certified. As for mp3 playback… well, that's kind of a mixed bag. The system is a Play To receiver, so you'll be able to stream your content to the Xbox One using any Play To supported devices such as a Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 enabled PC, Windows Phone, etc.

Hayabusa 1172028d ago

@ JimmyLmao Well, if you can rip the CD to your hard drive then you don't need the disc to be in the tray to listen to your music Einstein...That's the whole point of having the ripping feature :P

Seems both Sony and Microsoft assumed it's outdated and no one will use it, whereas I listen to my own music in game very regularly, and yes, it enhances the experience massively (especially considering the rubbish music they put into most games these days).

Sure, haven't brought a CD in years, but the fact that the feature is there meant I took the time to burn CDs and rip them onto my 360, so I can compile specific playlists for specific games.

If I can copy mp3 files onto the hard drive or AT LEAST the system can read and stream playlist files, then no worries, but sadly, I doubt either system will support either feature...the PS4 can't even play back mp3 files for God's sake :P

gaffyh2028d ago

This audio thing on both sides is really annoying. I don't use that feature very often, but I would like it to be there if I ever do need it. Hopefully they both add it in with an update.

Cuzzo632028d ago

Lol. Calm down otherZinc. Keep your 360. Wouldnt you be able to connect both systems with hdmi in

DonkeyWalrus2028d ago

Wow I can't believe I never knew you could rip CDs on the 360. For listening to music while playing a game I always just put my music on a flash drive, plugged it in and did it that way... Couldn't you still do that on Xbox One?

2028d ago
BX812028d ago

@ family guy sift through the articles under Xbox one tab

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Mike134nl2028d ago (Edited 2028d ago )

Do people actually still rip those 50 mb songs to their hard drive...

otherZinc2028d ago (Edited 2028d ago )

Can we upload our saved music from our 360 through the HDMI-in on the XBOX 1?

Also, cd's may be dead but most of us have a fantastic collection.

DeathOfTheFanBoy2028d ago

Dont most people just stream their music from their laptop/PC etc to the 360? Thats how I do it anyway...

JohnnyBadfinger2028d ago

I haven't paid for music since I got tom jones single 'sex bomb' on cassette lol

Pretty sure at least 90% of gamers who listen to music while they play games would stream from their computers and with games these days the in game sounds dialog and soundtracks are too good to waste by playing your Miley sirus album

THamm2028d ago

For everyone that uses custom soundtracks in wrestling/basketball games this is a BIG disappointment

2028d ago
Tctczach2028d ago

Buy an Mp3 player; then buy a dock that fits the MP3 player. Proceed to burn cds to mp3. Place mp3 on dock. For all those without an income, Christmas is right around the corner so ask Santa. If you refute the belief of Santa, do odd jobs to collect an income. If it is over $1500 report it to the IRS. Problem solved. Or quit crying about not being able to burn cds to an Xbox in 2013-2014. Ha ha ha.

2028d ago
3-4-52028d ago

Just ripped 4 cds to my xbox 360 yesterday because NBA 2k13's OST just isn't doing it for me.

Like 4 good songs and the rest trash.

I love this though, I can play the game I like and listen to the music I like.

It's great for when I get sucked into doing random stuff in Franchise mode for 2-3 hours without ever playing a game.

I will miss this feature in next gen.

The only reason so not include it in XB1 or PS4 is to make money on a "service"

No "app" plays the music I want to listen to....or that you want to listen to.

2028d ago
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Tooly2028d ago

it kind of defetes the whole point id rather just rip it to the console

DeadRabbits2028d ago (Edited 2028d ago )

Pre Order in a Parallel Bizarro World Universe CANCELED!

PawnSacrifice2028d ago (Edited 2028d ago )

Wait! People still ACTUALLY buy CDs?!

Max-Zorin2028d ago

If they really like the artist.

wenaldy2028d ago

I still buy Vinyl. Problem?

Pintheshadows2028d ago

Good stuff. So do I when I can.

kneon2028d ago

I do, though I prefer to buy DVD or Bluray audio when it's available, though unfortunately the selection in those formats is rather slim.

kingPoS2028d ago

Wait People still ACTUALLY buy games & music on discs!
Yes... those five inch discs are a wonder aren't they.

DigitalRaptor2028d ago

Yes believe it or not, people still hold physical art dear to themselves.

NeoTribe2028d ago (Edited 2028d ago )

That's what I said when x1 was announced at e3. "People still watch cable"?! But seriously isn't xbox1 suppost to be an all in one media/entertainment station?! Wtf happened?!

3-4-52028d ago

Yes I just went out and bought:

Phoenix - Bankrupt

Daft Punk - RAM

The Strokes - Comedown machine.

Like $9.99 each at Best buy. Phoenix was actually $15 as it came with a bonus cd with 70 outtakes and demo songs that never made the cut.

So yea people like me that love music....We still buy Cd's

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Max-Zorin2028d ago

The first two Xbox systems you could do that. I don't understand why you can't do it on the third one.

PawnSacrifice2028d ago

Seeing as it's confirmed DLNA, I'd say the news came from the same boat.
just stream it off your PC!

kneon2028d ago

I don't get it either, both Sony and Microsoft seem to have something against CD's

GreenRanger2028d ago

@ Kneon
That's because they think that if people can't play their CDs on their PS4/Xbox One, they'll pay for Music Unlimited/Xbox Music to get that music.

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