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SONY to reveal The PS4 Processor November 13th at AMD APU13

8:30 - 9:30 a.m. (PST), Wednesday, November 13:
Dominic Mallinson, senior vice president, Software, Sony: "Inside PlayStation 4: Building the Best Place to Play"

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GTgamer3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

:3 do not underestimate the power of PlayStation.

NewMonday3125d ago

interested in this one..
"Dr. Chien-Ping Lu, senior director, Mediatek USA: "How Many Cores Will We Need?""

lets see the truth about "diminishing returns"

HelpfulGamer3125d ago

I want a sexy PS4 tech Demo!

kneon3125d ago

For video games there should be no diminishing returns for added cores, within reason of course.

Video games are well suited to parallelization, if they fail to make proper use of available cores it's the developers fault. Too many developers are stuck in this single threaded mentality, it needs to be designed in from the beginning

piroh3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

whatever they reveal, they simply CAN´T dissapoint even if they want. after all it´s SONY. even google can´t find anything negative about PS4

johndoe112113125d ago

Oh boy, could you imagine what the misterxmedia site is going to be like for the next 9 days?? LOL.

miyamoto3125d ago

the PS4 team can honestly give us true info with a straight face while Wii U and Xbox One team hide the truth from the gamers

Anarki3124d ago

I thought we knew what processor it had? It says on the Sony website, or am I missing something here?

CPU: low power x86-64 AMD "Jaguar", 8 cores

JackVagina3124d ago


We know what it is but im guessing AMD is going to go very in depth about it.

Withdreday3124d ago

PS4 Processor: 8 cores, 4.2 Ghz with a powerful GPU.

I said it once and I'll say it again...Xbox DONE!!!

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The_Ozymandias3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

Users lose all sense of reality, and enter another world.

sAVAge_bEaST3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

They will also reval dGPU from Volcanic Island series, MisterX thought was in the Xbone.. /s

oODEADPOOLOo3125d ago

Xbone: your sad devotion to that ancient religion has not helped you conjure up the stolen data tapes, or given you clairvoyance enough to find the rebels hidden fortres... **chokes**


PS4: I find your lack of faith disturbing....

Ripsta7th3125d ago Show
TENTONGUN3125d ago


better than whoring out your ass to microsofts huge cock.

tagan8tr3125d ago

lol with disagrees its a joke you mean you disagree with a joke lighten up people

XisThatKid3125d ago

WHAT?! Yea you Sonyboys keep worrying about CPUs that's irrelevant It's all about dat ClOuDZz

tagan8tr3125d ago

LOL if cloud was that good don't you think PC games would have taken advantage of it or do you actually think the company behind such hits as Windows Me, Vista and Windows 8 were the first to realize the potential of the cloud. If cloud was great, Google a company that knows a thing or two about such things would have made Chrome laptops with a screen a keyboard WiFi/ethernet and let cloud do the rest.

This cloud stuff is solid as an actual cloud..

xZeratul-DTM3125d ago

@tagan8tr pretty sure he's being sarcastic dude.

XisThatKid3124d ago

This is a great point though all sarcasm aside why isn't this being used in our PC communities

tagan8tr3124d ago

@xZeratul-DTM, I figured that but I saw a chance to make a point of sumthin that I been thinking about thats why I started it out LOL :) see smiley no hate.

xZeratul-DTM3122d ago

@Tag Haha, fair point, bubbles for you.

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney3125d ago

The xbox reveal will be running on pc in secret..

+ Show (5) more repliesLast reply 3122d ago
whateva3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

I posted the AMD APU story by it's self because the PS4 News is deserve it's on story & shouldn't be hidden in the AMD APU story that says nothing about it in the title. so now it's 2 stories.

My_precious3125d ago

should we call it "the cyber porn incoming"

MRMagoo1233125d ago

Well that shall be very interesting.