PS Vita TV ‘Hello’ introduction video

With PS Vita TV due out on November 14 in Japan, Sony has released a four-minute introduction video highlighting the 9,480 yen system’s various capabilities.

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Xsilver2881d ago

Dear God Sony bring the Vita Tv to the west already.

ohiostatesman2880d ago

People really seem to be overrating the PS Vita. I don't think its gonna make a difference at all. Vita doesn't have any games that the mainstream are interested in.

C-H-E-F2880d ago

@zep his problem is he doesn't OWN one. I still have no idea why people that don't OWN and HAVEN'T played a Vita speak about it. I'm sure if they played Soul Sacrifice (my personal fav.) or other games offered on the platform they'd have a totally different outlook on the Vita.

Rockstar2880d ago

*looks at ohiostatesmans name,
reads comment.....

comment makes sense now

snitch_puck2880d ago

Hmm.. I think that kind of comment is way past its validity. The Vita is growing to be a much more promising handheld but, of course, you have all the right to post your opinions and make hate on a handheld you don't own or support. Yet, you make yourself pathetic in dong so. The Vita is doing good and i don't get why you Nintendo fanboys keep on downplaying playstation handhelds when you can just stay in your own base and enjoy your games than being whiny and insecure. The more the likes of you comments in sections like these, the more I see Nintendo fans to be pathetic, narrow-minded, and insecure as you are now. Don't worry though, this comment is from a guy who owns both current gen handhelds. i call my 3DS my 'pokemon machine' as that is the only function it has for me now. But don't take it against me, I love the 3DS, just not in the same level of pathetic passion that you show.

iceman062880d ago the PSP catalog is now not valid? Not to mention the 445 games as of Oct. that are Vita titles? Wait...not enough...what about the fact that it can remote play the PS4 so those that want to play in another room don't have to buy another PS4??? All of this at around $100??? Oh, I can see how it is truly overrated now!

TheLastGuardian2880d ago

Then screw the mainstream. Vita's library is fantastic.

fenome2880d ago

@ohiostatesman (otherwise known as trollface)

That's your "opinion", and you are entitled to it, but here's a list with a shit-ton of games on it.. I'm sure you could find something playable in there somewhere.. lol

Regardless of all the blind hate and uninformed "opinions" that float around in these threads, once this thing gets released here it's going to sell fast and it's going to sell hard. As much as you people don't want it to it's going to sell out multiple times, just like it already has in Japan.

Plus, you can remote play your ps4 games on it. So I can have my ps4 at my house and then just get one of these for at my girlfriends house so we can play it there without dragging the console back and forth.

RedHawk022880d ago

What, are you kidding me?? Screw the mainstream. Vita has amazing games.
Persona 4 Golden
Gravity Rush
Uncharted Golden Abyss
Rayman Origins
Rayman Legends
Hotline Miami
Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward
Killzone: Mercenary
Soul Sacrifice
Muramasa Rebirth
Dragon's Crown
Metal Gear Solid HD Collection
Dead or Alive 5 Plus
Wipeout 2048
Disgaea 3
Plants vs Zombies
Playstation All Stars
Escape Plan
There are more to come and I haven't even named them all. Please tell me more about how Vita doesn't have any games.

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Rynocirator2880d ago

I know! I personally hate handhelds, not because of games or hardware or whatever. I hate holding a handheld and playing a game on it for hours, as I don't take it anywhere with me, I just sit at home and play it. This is perfect for people like me since there are like 7 games on the VITA I am interested in but didn't buy the VITA because I don't really play handhelds. I hope the likes of nintendo follow suit. I would love to play pokemon x or y or the inevitable 3d remakes of FFV and FFIV (that will for some reason only be released on a nintendo console) on my tv.

MEGANE2880d ago (Edited 2880d ago )

Oh my!... i though it was a dream!... a month ago everyone was talking about it and all of the suden not a single headline. so many things happening right now (pocket station, ps4 launch, vita tv)... i need to quit my job or get divorce, but i need more time for all of this :(

BTW... she is so freakin cute!

Inception2880d ago

Yeah she's cute :3 and i think she's an idol from AKB48, cmiiw.

MEGANE2880d ago

Great!... I look her up, thanks

zerwell2880d ago

her name is marina horiuchi (from sakura gakuin)

zerwell2880d ago (Edited 2880d ago )

a**48 ~_~

Vitalogy2880d ago

She's kinda cute but shouldn't smile much with her mouth open, damn those teeth :s should get 'em fixed asap.

GdaTyler2880d ago

She's lovely all around, stop being so superficial.

MasterCornholio2880d ago

Trust me it isn't the same thing as the Wii U gamepad.

Nexus 7 2013

Otoshigamisama2880d ago (Edited 2880d ago )

That bullymangler really needs to be banned, SMH and someone is down voting everyone here

snitch_puck2880d ago

Ugh you again?? Haven't you learned anything from all the past comments about you and your immature remarks? Look at you now, only one bubble. Well, I guess you'll make another account to troll more on the Vita section. What bothers me though is why you Nintendo fanboys keep on posting pathetic comments on platforms you don't even support. Are you worried of competition? I swear I am sad for the whole Nintendo fan base: out of 10 people 7 are just immature pathetic people who has a lot of time in their lives to post sneaky comments. You should be ashamed of yourself little boy.

Otoshigamisama2880d ago (Edited 2880d ago )

This guy is everywhere but his hate on the vita is of the roof its pathetic! I even saw him commenting about Wii U saying Wii U is much better than Ps4 and Xbone SMH Trollers this days

sherimae24132879d ago

tsk, let him be... just please understand his situation...
actually he really loves the vita... but he's mom doesnt want to buy one for him, you know financial problems :p

iceman062880d ago

Created a console with features that were already between the PSP and PS3!?!? Two can play THAT game!!!

Masterman2802880d ago

So you don't need an actual Vita for this?

Inception2880d ago

No. You only need Vita game (digital / physical), dual shock 3, and Vita memory card.

Reeze2879d ago

It's really awesome that you can play them on the TV. I just have one concern... won't people opt for the cheaper Vita TV? Now, the only plus to the Vita itself is that you can take it outside of your home.

Am I right or mistaken in some place...?

iceman062880d ago

Vita TV IS a the same chip-set that is in the no handheld Vita required...cuz it will now connect to your TV.

joeorc2880d ago

"So you don't need an actual Vita for this?"

it is a PSVita, its the exact same hardware as a full PSVita

- these extra hardware features that are in the standard PSVita.

the PSVita TV does not have the touch screen and back touch pad. Does not contain both a front and rear facing camer. not have the built in Microphone.

Now it does have:


so you can see it has on board storage, but same chipset!

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kingPoS2880d ago

Oh snap! they had to bring the Nanse DVR into the picture, that's something the US cable/cabal's will never let happen.

Now I'm really jelly... green jelly. But I did see ad hoc with three Vita. Damn!

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