StarCraft II Pro Gamer Interview With Jens "Snute" Aasgaard

At the Intel Extreme Masters, StarCraft II pro gamer Jens "Snute" Aasgaard talks about the global growth of eSports in this exclusive interview.

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-Foxtrot2025d ago

I really hate the term "Pro Gamer"...a gamer is a gamer end of

Just because your amazingly good at what? One game does not make you a Pro Gamer overall. Maybe a Pro StarCraft II player but not pro gamer. Hell I don't even agree with those who get paid for it.

Pozzle2025d ago

There's a difference between a professional gamer and a regular gamer though. For many pro gamers, gaming is a career. Hence the term "professional".

It's no different than the distinction between a person who golfs as a hobby and a pro golfer like Tiger Woods.

die_fiend2025d ago

That we're needing to spell out that this is their profession probably means he isn't gonna get it. Clearly wishes he was good enough

-Foxtrot2025d ago

Not really it's just a term, if a pro gamer is good at every game then fair enough use the term Pro gamer but he's only good at one then he's more of a Pro <insert game here> player.

I really don't agree with people getting paid to game like a professional footballer....hell I don't even agree with footballers or any other sports people being paid so much when you have people in the army for example who get paid so very little despite risking their lifes.


Don't be such a dick man

PurpHerbison2025d ago

I get what you are trying to say. Technically, no he is not a "Pro Gamer" just like Tiger Woods isn't a "Pro Sports Player", he is a Pro Golpher and that guy is definitely a Pro Starcraft 2 player. That's about it. And die_fiend, you can ride my shaft.

jagiii2025d ago

A pro gamer is someone who makes money doing what you wish you could do.