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RUMOR: GameStop Cutting Employee Hours During Midnight Game Launches

A source with GameStop has revealed to OmniGamer that due to this generation versions of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and Battlefield 4 missing sales marks that the company is forced to cut back midnight launch employee hours by 30-40 percent.

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cl19832062d ago

I can tell you from my own experiences in retail, that if they where not getting enough pre-orders for one store they would look at grouping two or three stores together or just not have a midnight release for the under preforming stores.

1OddWorld2062d ago

A lot of people doing digital downloads. No reason to go out and get it if there isn't a special going on. I will be going to Target on the 15th to get BF4, Madden 25 and Diablo 3.

CursedMarkBlake2062d ago

Well what did they expect, most people will be waiting for the next-gen version, and if they don't call people and tell them that they can pick up Ghosts for PS4 next Tuesday they are going to be looking at bad numbers again(I was an assistant manager in retail once)

badboy7762062d ago

First Foodstamps Now this.

rainslacker2062d ago

The GS I shop at sometimes doesn't have midnight releases because they're rather new, and for a while they just weren't selling enough pre-orders to justify it.

I was told by the manager the other day though, that they have a midnight release every week in November, two due to console launches.

Otherwise, per store, they're talking about 4-5 extra hours per person. Assuming an average of $8/hr pay rate for them(I assume the manager there is salary), that's about $40 extra per store. Over 6600 stores, that's $264,000+associated taxes.

tcozzens2061d ago

we were cut from 230 hours for the week to 130...

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Dr_Salvitor2062d ago

Its True went to pay off my preorder today and the manager told me she had to not hire some people because they cut like 70 hours.

ZBlacktt2062d ago

GameStop, screwing both gamers and employee's.

Heisenburger2061d ago

It's business. If they don't think they'll make money, why exactly should they do it?

They aren't screwing anyone.

I'm no fan of Gamestop as a business, but I'm also not a fool.

ZBlacktt2061d ago

You don't say? I own a IT company so yes I'm aware how the business world works. But their reputation is widely known. From both the consumer side and the employee side and this is not the first story about this here. Last time we had GameStop employees post.

"During fiscal 2012, GameStop generated $632.4 million in operating cash flow and spent $151.2 million in capital expenditures and other investments generating free cash flow of $481.2 million. The company repurchased $409.4 million of GameStop stock during fiscal 2012, including 3.2 million shares, or $74.7 million worth of stock, during the fourth quarter. In February 2012, the company initiated a dividend payout to its shareholders and paid out $102 million in dividends during 2012.

Paul Raines, chief executive officer, stated, “As we look towards the start of the new console cycle, our industry market model indicates a return to growth with the launch of new game systems. GameStop is strong, healthy and ready to lead the industry and its customers into the next phase of gaming.”

ZBlacktt2061d ago

Ignored for a reason. So we don't waste our time.

dazzrazz2062d ago

Who the heck deals with gamestop anyway ...

princejb1342062d ago

i never actually bought a video game through amazon
im not really sure how it works such as is it on your doorstep the date of release?
and what would happen if something happens to the ups truck and its delayed
two of my biggest fears

CJDUNCAN2062d ago

@Prince, yes if you get release day delivery the game will be at your home on release day. Granted you'd have to wait around for UPS, but that will beat standing in a crazy line especially during the launch of the new consoles or some big game lol.

BLAKHOODe2062d ago

I like the pre-order bonuses, the closeness of the store and that I can make payments on my pre-orders, instead of them just taking the money all at once.

It's "cool" to hate GameStop, but that doesn't change the fact that it's a great place to shop for video games. You always have a few fools, but most of the people that work there are at least aware of what's going on in the video game biz and have a clue what you are talking about when you ask about a certain game or whatever.

If you dislike them for their trade-in rates.. well, that's just foolish. It's a service they offer. You don't have to take them up on it. If you don't like what they offer, go somewhere else. It's that easy.

(FYI: I don't work at GameStop, nor have I ever. I'm just old enough to know what I like and what I don't like.)

pacosanchez882062d ago

surprisingly balanced opinion for n4g, kudos

KwietStorm2062d ago

A lot of people [sadly] don't have a choice, since Gamestop pulled a Walmart, moved into towns and small markets, and put small game stores out of business.

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