Next Car Game: new screenshots

Next Car Game: A Motorsport With Attitude! FlatOut developers, finnish BugBear Inc., turns to Kickstarter for their new racing game. Here are a bunch of new gameplay screens and artworks.

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PoSTedUP2025d ago

wow im lovin the damage and all thoes specific parts flying off, looks great.

memots2025d ago

the first 2 flatout and Ultimate Carnage were made by this DEV and the games were awesome.

PoSTedUP2025d ago

yeah flatout was great, never played ultimate carnage but now im really looking forward to this. i love destruction! >: D

AgentSmithPS42025d ago

The destruction in this game will make the others look bad. It looks great already so it better be coming to PS4.

Apparently some car companies will only license their cars if they take only minor damage in a game. That's absurd, I'd rather have a game with basically the same cars using fake names, there's no need to pay fools and cowards.

memots2025d ago


Pick it up on steam. It will pretty run on any pc. Its totally worth it.

*well not at 19.99$ lol, I just checked and thats way too much , But i have seen it for 3$ on sale.

PoSTedUP2025d ago

@ agent: yeah i agree, in games like this i wouldnt mind driving a knock-off as long as its fully destructible. certain games tho i wanna drive the real deal, the lambo diablo in n4s for instance.

@memots: i have an ink ribbon typewriter, but thanks for the heads up ill check it out if i see a deal, deff will check out some gameplay on youtube right now tho : )

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theXtReMe12025d ago

Have the developer mentioned anything about the PS4 yet? This game looks awesome. I'd really love a destruction derby game for the PS4.

mitford2024d ago

first flat out was the best loved that game, i really hope the get the money to bring this game to consoles