Xbox One Exclusive Crimson Dragon Gets New Beautiful 1080p Screenshots

The upcoming Xbox One exclusive Crimson Dragon may not be a titan in terms of polygon count, but it still manages to look beautiful thanks to art direction, color palette and some really nice textures.

Today Microsoft Game Studios released some new screenshots of the game, showcasing the Coral Lakes region of planet Draco.

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shivvy242026d ago

Its sad to see that ppl forget the meaning of video games and argue about graphics

XB1_PS42025d ago

I believe it's just younger people, that overrun this site. I feel like most of the trolls are 15 and under. Nothing we can do about them.

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syne492026d ago

I want to play this so bad.. This game is going to get me to break and buy a One.

christocolus2026d ago

im with you...enjoyed the first game on the xbx ..looking forward to this.

syne492026d ago

I have been playing Panzer Dragoon for so very long. Seeing a spiritual successor is huge to me. This is absolutely one of my favorite series. I just do not have the extra $500 to blow at this time.

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Deadpoolio2026d ago

No It's Sega Soooooooo most likely they took the exact same code that made the 360 kinect game and ported it to the One80...Literally, that is probably the most work they did

JokesOnYou2026d ago (Edited 2026d ago )

Yeah about as next gen as Knack....both should be fun little "secondary purchases" as Mark Cerny himself said, however Crimson Dragon is $19.99, while Knack despite looking exactly like the creators comments of it being a "small" game still sales for a "full game" price at $59.99.

svoulis2026d ago (Edited 2026d ago )


You just can't let up. Haha sometimes I feel like you are the reason these threads turn into pissing contest.


The Irony in your name astounds me :D

Hicken2026d ago

No, probably not as next-gen as Knack.

JokesOnYou2026d ago (Edited 2026d ago )

lol, svoulis so Im in a Xbox related thread as usual looking at news about a upcoming X1 title, there are 2 troll comments made above mine and I respond with very rational response based on info in the links I provided yet its me somehow being unreasonable? Oh OK makes sense....just say jokes you aren't allowed to respond with logic.

Nothing I said was made up, read the links, theres more if you look, even ps fans and ps centric sites question Knacks price. "Its OKay, Its OKay I'll be da bad guy" -said in Tony Montana voice.

Edit: Yeah so, the point is you attack me my post whether defending or not is grounded in reality no one is hailing Crimson Dragon as the epitome of next gen, neither is Knack but of course every game just like last gen eoes not have to be "next gen"...just a fun title to add to the lineup. btw game length is not indicative of quality or nex5 gen specs, folks play some arcade games for 15 hrs to completion.

svoulis2026d ago (Edited 2026d ago )


Small game? Is that why Knack has been confirmed for over 10 hours? He'll I know "big" games that last less than half that.

Really is that a small game? For the type of game it is, I don't see a problem with the way it looks.

You responded rational by immediatley bring a PS4 game into this thread no one else did it but you. Also about the links you posted your orignal post was short and simple

"Yeah about as next gen as Knack"

You added the rest to try and bring light of the post. Which is fine, if that's what it takes to reinforce your Microsoft Sword and Shield that's fine.

Just learn how not to look like an idiot doing it :D


The best part is as a person who played Panzer Dragoon on Sega Saturn. I am looking forward to this game. But I would not try and compare this to a retail title. Isn't it funny though how flip flop fanboys can be.

1st graphics matter, then they dont,..and then they do again.

2nd indie and small titles are trash, now they're amazing.

I just don't understand you guys.

Why can't you remain neutral?

ALLWRONG2026d ago

Xbox news is always 95% PS fanboys, while in PS news it's maybe 5% Xbox fanboys. See the difference?

PS fanboys are only here our of envy because they only have like one game to play at launch. That's why they make petitions for all the Xbox games to come to the PS4. You never see Xbox fans do that, ever.

UncleGermrod2026d ago

@svoulis, why blame jokeonyou when clearly he was only replying to another fanboy who could not help himself.

vasteel2025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

Sega? don't think so.

vasteel2025d ago

Sega? I don't thinks so.

rainslacker2025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

Believe it or not JOY, Knack has more physics stuff going on in it than any current gen game. I would say it probably has more physics calculations going on than most launch next gen games as well. Even the game Resogun is an immaculate showcase of what next-gen can bring from a programming perspective.

Graphically they may not be truly next gen, but it's plainly obvious to someone like me who loves physics game programming that Knack is very much a next gen game.

Animating the things Knack does with his body is not an easy task with keyframe animations, it is done with a combination of keyframing and real-time physics calculations.

So while you may go on about how all those pretty graphics on X1 are a sign that the next gen has arrived, I can look at Knack and see that it truly has. Better graphics were a given. Better physics is where next gen is going to shine.

On Topic: Crimson Dragon, Quantum Break, and D4 were probably the 3 games I would definitely buy if I got an X1. In fact, if it weren't for MS I would be buying them.

FamilyGuy2025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

@ TrollsOnYou

Trolling is trolling, it doesn't matter what topic you're in seeing as YOU'RE the one bringing up games that are on another console in here.

Technically Knack is WAY more "next gen" than Crimson Dragon. Whether you like the artistic direction or not it is technically superior. Knack is composed of a mass of individual geometric shapes that can all be dropped or picked back up in a seconds notice.
Those pieces that make up Knacks body can also be used to form a tornado like attack while maintaining a steady frame rate.
The lighting and reflections on textures (easily seen when Knack does his exploding move) in Knack are beyond anything on current gen consoles.
The light and reflection seen on some enemies with glowing weapons is beyond current gen.
It's also doing all this all while pushing 1080p.
Knack and Crimson Dragon are not on the same level at all and are priced to reflect that. If it was a cheap to make game Sony would have had no problem releasing it at a lower price like they've done with tons of other games.

Always bringing up Knack as if a game that's geared towards younger gamers should have photo-realistic graphics or something. Compare it to Mario, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, etc. crimson dragon ISN'T a game geared towards kids so what's its excuse? Answer: It's AN ARCADE TITLE! Cheap to make and low risk on being profitable. Knack on the other hand is NOT an arcade title and is a risk like many other big games are.

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Mystogan2026d ago

Come on its an Arcade game. and its only $20. What do you expect?

svoulis2026d ago

Thats exactly what I expect, and its exactly what I want. I played the crap out of Panzer Dragoon on Saturn, This will bring Nostalgia full force.

credit862026d ago

beautiful??? shoulda gone to specsavers

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