EA’s New CEO on PS4 and Xbox One: “Tough to Go Back to Anything Else”; PC Market Continues to Grow

Electronic Arts new CEO Andrew Wilson expressed today some rather positive views on the next generation consoles, professing himself "platform agnostic" (but without mentioning the Wii U at all), yet he had good things to say about the PC market as well.

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Mikelarry2028d ago

the next gen platforms and the features they bring does sound really interesting and i really hope they can deliver on all the features they have announced. developers seem to be excited about it as well as they have alot more room and tech to really achieve some of their ideas which could not be possible on last gen. i really cant wait to see what interesting experiences we would have in a year or two after this next gen consoles release

Campy da Camper2028d ago

What I think is the biggest tell tale sign is that how good some of the launch games look. Based on this gen, we went from King Kong to The Last of Us. I can only imagine what ND, Bungie and Suckerpunch will deliver in 2015 and beyond. Yes!!!

sigfredod2028d ago

wow that statement did't sound any good for the PS3 and the xbox 360

thekhurg2028d ago

Considering the amount of money they got from Microsoft for Titanfall, yeah I'm sure it's going to be hard for them to back on current gen.

Abriael2028d ago (Edited 2028d ago )

Only, Titanfall is on 360 too lol. To be fair, people often forget that detail.

thekhurg2028d ago

They wouldn't have gotten a dime if MS wasn't trying to sell Xbox One consoles.

credit862028d ago

course there tryin to sell consoles num nuts there console manufacturers #retard

P0werVR2027d ago



Funny how people forget that detail of either company.

come_bom2028d ago (Edited 2028d ago )

I guess people are really pissed about Titanfall... but forget that Nintendo and Sony also pay 3rd party to make exclusives for their consoles... ZombiU, Bayonetta 2, Deep Down, Beyond two souls... and countless other examples.

EDIT... @Destrania
ZombiU is published by Ubisoft. Deep Down is published by Capcom... it seems its you that don't know what you're talking about.
BTW, guess what company published Metal Gear Solid 4 (hint: not Sony). Do you want more examples ?

Destrania2028d ago (Edited 2028d ago )

Um, there's a difference between 2nd party and 3rd party games. 2nd party games are from studios that aren't owned by the platform holder but are published by them, therefore only releasing on their platform. So, obviously you don't really know what you're talking about. Beyond: Two Souls is published by Sony, and Deep Down is co-published by Sony btw.

Edit: From what is understood, Deep Down is published by Capcom & Sony. There are reasons MGS4 released only on Playstation other than Sony paying Konami off for it.

christocolus2028d ago (Edited 2028d ago )

sony is assisting capcom with the development of deep down not co publishing..capcom is publishing it soley...but regards dead rising3 ms is assisiting capcom vancouver with development and also publishing the nintendo with bayonetta3 on the wiiu. in both cases the ip owners (capcom and platinum games)have claimed that without the publishers(ms and nintendo) assistance, those games(dead rising 3 and bayonetta2) would never be made.

rainslacker2028d ago


I don't think that description of 2nd party is all inclusive. Final Fantasy VII was published by Sony, but I don't think anyone ever considered Square a 2nd party company, nor was FF7 considered a 2nd party game. Maybe at the time of it's release, people didn't really distinguish that stuff as much though.

2nd party to me has always been companies that tend to prefer, for whatever reason, just releasing most of their games on one console. Insomiac Games comes to mind until a few years ago.

Maybe it's just one of those things that's hard to define because there is no true definition. Kind of like what is a hardcore gamer.

Campy da Camper2028d ago

Who's "pissed"? If they want to make an exclusive game for MS and got a big check for it then good for them. I'm not going to say I won't buy it if for some reason a ps4 version came out but its not like I'd give up Infamous or any Naughty Dog, Sony Santa Monica, Media Molecule or Guerilla Games masterpieces for it.

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timzone2028d ago

Just hope I won't find to hard to go back to my generation 7 console when a game pops up that I just have to play.

Abriael2028d ago

With Drakengard 3 coming next year, I know I won't have any problem with that :D

gamernova2028d ago

That's why I love PC. There is no leaving your library behind. All you have to do is upgrade your parts every once in a long while.

MRMagoo1232028d ago

yeh but to be honest some old games on pc are an arse getting to work even when running in compatibility mode e.g monkey island games.

sigfredod2028d ago

lucky you, i had to leave my old library back, leisure larry, f19 stealth fighter, test drive 2 the duel ah my old floppies :(

starchild2028d ago

Yeah, I agree. I love having all my games in one place and being able to play them from one device.

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