PS4 And Xbox One Demand Drops Within Weeks Of Launch

GR - Hustling console product on eBay has become a lucrative second hand market for those with an eye for video games and preorders, but as next-generation console launches draw within weeks a look at sold listings paints a downward trend.


The article is based on eBay sold listings.

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ZBlacktt2029d ago

Misleading title.... should say Hustlers on Ebay not getting their asking price.

dbjj120882029d ago

They're definitely getting their asking prices. Over $200 profit on a console they might never even touch. They're simply changing the shipping address on their Amazon preorders!

It's outrageous.

EeJLP-2029d ago

After tax, eBay fees, and Paypal fees.. very few are profiting "over $200". They need to sell for ~$300+ over list to make $200. And that's only if the original seller, like an Amazon preorder, ships it to the eBay buyer directly. Some are picking up preorders at local stores and will then have to spend a decent chunk of change to ship the consoles themselves, like ~$40. So in the end, some sellers need to be getting nearly double retail in order to make $200. There are a lot of sellers actually losing money after all the taxes and fees.

^-- eBay fees calculator. Fill in Item Cost (after tax, etc.) and Amount Desired ($200 over) and see what the selling price would need to be.. and again, that doesn't include sellers shipping it themselves as opposed to things like Amazon preorders being shipped directly to the buyer.

Looking at recently sold PS4s, it looks like the profit is only around $60-90... if Amazon or similar company is shipping it for them, or $20-60 (minus gas money, time, etc.) if the seller preordered from local stores and have to ship it themselves.

Bottom line, nobody's getting rich off reselling preorders. And the ones selling for thousands are extremely likely BS bidders with no feedback that won't be paying for the item, for example:


what a joke. dont know how this article got approved but it needs to be taken down for this shite title.

piss off OP.

Mikelarry2029d ago (Edited 2029d ago )

"Just how much are people willing to pay for a next-gen console at launch?"

me personally RRP nothing more unless i find it for less. i cant understand why anyone would pay more than that as its not a limited edition item that once its gone its gone, you will still be able to get one much cheaper than what ebay sellers will want to charge you just because its sold out everywhere else

dbjj120882029d ago

I think when you have a kid you really want to surprise and make happy, it's hard to turn down any price.

jay22029d ago

Yeah they were probably like £600.

Wedge192029d ago

An extra few hundred just to have it a few months earlier? If you were honestly so serious about it, you should have pre-ordered when you had the chance. I think that's the real trend. More of the true fans are buying early, meaning anyone who is left doesn't care much whether they get them at launch or not. It would be interesting to dive in further.

acharlez2029d ago

Not a surprise... I know a lot of people are even canceling pre-orders.

Funantic12029d ago (Edited 2029d ago )

I think because the PS3 and Xbox 360 are still very capable. Games like GTA5 does show that. People are not as excited as before. Also people have different choices whether it's the the PS3, 360, Vita, Mobile gaming, Ouya, PC, and so on. Then there's the next-gen launch game titles that's not that impressive. I know the people on these game sites are excited but the rest of the world isn't.

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The story is too old to be commented.