Wii Karaoke U song goes uncensored

here’s at least one song in Wii Karaoke U that has gone uncensored. Afroman’s Colt 45, which uses some… “colorful” language, can be experienced as it was originally created.

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Treezy5042029d ago

Out of all the songs in the world, Colt 45 uncensored, wow.

FamilyGuy2028d ago (Edited 2028d ago )

lmao, surprised the song is even in the game at all honestly.

LMMFAO at the text in the picture with these cutesy Mii characters singing it!

Axonometri2029d ago

Well more fuel for the fire...

0pie2029d ago

nintendo being nintendo

PopRocks3592028d ago

Yeah, because everyone said it would be. /s

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