OPC Magazine features PS4's Final Horizon and developer's top 5 Vita games

Punk and Lizard write: "Official Playstation Community Magazine includes plenty of reviews and various interesting articles that are all written by the Playstation Community members. A big shout out to the awesome Envisager, mattsimmo, QuietlyWrong and englishgolfer for making it happen and of course all the various community members and contributors too. This edition has a brand new layout and loads of awesome stuff to read about."

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sdozzo2032d ago

The vita has games? Sincerely, shitty laughing.

chestnut11222031d ago

Yes it is, I have both Vita and 3ds but I have way more Vita games than my 3ds. That is because I prefer majority of Vita games. It is just a matter of preferences. And I am curious if You have a Vita? to say some BS like that.

donwel2031d ago

I got my Vita a couple of weeks ago and I love it, I was blown away by Uncharted and Gravity Rush.
I've also played Mario 3D Land on 3ds and was quite underwhelmed.
Like you said though it's a matter of preference and personally I think the Vita is a fantastic little system.

sdozzo2031d ago

Haha I do have a vita. I was trying to be sarcastic (my bad, I just knew someone was going to say what I said but actually mean it).

remanutd552031d ago

My top 5
Litlte Big Planet
Sly Cooper Thieves in Time
Killzone Mercenary
Sonic&All Stars Racing Transformed
Gravity Rush

chestnut11222031d ago

Mine is
Persona 4 Golden
Killzone Mercenary
Soul Sacrifice
Little Big Planet
Dragon's Crown