10 Most Embarrassingly Poor Console Launch Games Of All Time

"So whether through unfamiliarity with a new system, inflexible deadlines enforced by the hardware’s launch or good, old-fashioned managerial dickery, the majority of consoles tend to stumble on launch day, souring their big introduction to the wide world of gaming with an absolute clunker or two. So as [Whatculture] looks to the imminent release of a new generation of consoles, [Edward Owen] thought it would be wise to look at gaming’s most notable launching misfires, safe in the knowledge that come the time of the PS4 or the Xbox One’s release, [Whatculture's] going to be able to add to this list."

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darthv722031d ago

Street Fighter: The movie...yeah it wasnt the SF game people were expecting.

clockwork knight on the list though, that one is surprising. i find it fun and quirky and the best use of a transformer as a boss battle this side of war for cybertron.

generic-user-name2031d ago

You should probably link it to number 10 instead of 1.

coolbeans2031d ago

Didn't even notice that when I copy/pasted here. lol