Carving the One: The industrial design of Microsoft's next-generation Xbox

In the shadow of Mount St. Helens, 10-year-old Carl Ledbetter would sit for hours smashing rocks together. It took him a long time to get the chunks of volcanic glass shaped just right. Then, holding them with a piece of leather to keep from cutting himself, he would apply a gentle pressure with the tip of a deer antler, breaking off tiny slivers of obsidian along the edge. As the flakes fell away he would uncover the arrowhead shape inside.

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Naga2027d ago

This is an excellent piece.

thekhurg2027d ago

If this article isn't upscaled it's not doing the Xbox One justice.

Mike134nl2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

up scaling sucks I pre-ordered both now I am thinking of cancelling both preorder for a 1080 p tv ( lg 720p tv at the moment). Still got quite of a back log of ps3 and some xb360 games to play, till about march if my cash flow will allow it.
(edit: suggestions and tips for new tv are welcome )

nypifisel2027d ago

PS4 doesn't need upscaling, it can actually push 1080p so... yea

MicDude2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )


"PS4 doesn't need upscaling, it can actually push 1080p so... yea"

Yes but for how long? 4 years? 5? How long until games become too demanding to run games at 1080p with the hardware that is in them? I'd start hoping that "The cloud power" can improve graphics And this goes for both consoles not just the PS4. We are already starting to see it with COD: Ghosts on the Xbox.

nypifisel2027d ago

All preconceptions about the cloud being able to boost game performance is something you should forget now, neither console will do this since it's not technically feasible.

What people don't seem to understand is that 1080p is not hard, we got smartphones with that resolution; it's about how much resources you want to put on assets in your game and balancing that against pixel output. Just because this is a new generation doesn't automatically mean all games will be 1080p, developers can choose to use a less demanding resolution to increase fidelity in other areas. Point is - The PS4 can run the same games as the Xbox One but at a higher resolution and with higher fidelity - Will Xbox ever runt 1080p.. eSRAM says no, not with today's deferred rendering techniques.

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darthv722027d ago

liquid black...interesting.

what i liked most about that article was the way the background images remained static as you scrolled but changed in each section. i found myself scrolling through it several times just for the effect.

GiantEnemyCrab2027d ago

The design certainly gives me hope that this thing will be rock solid when it comes to heat dispersion.

Mike134nl2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

Good to know that Microsoft from the start designed their box to cope with potential overheating problems. For the rest really interesting to read the view of the designer of the xbox1.

cell9892027d ago

It's an overpriced game machine that highly resembles my Time Warner cable box

theWB272027d ago

Overpriced in what sense? Because it's more than the PS4? It could be considered underpriced compared to what was spent on the PS3 8 years ago.

A capable gaming machine

Extra functions with Kinect that can control your whole entertainment setup with voice control

An MP3 player

Movies, online, TV, etc for 500 bucks isn't bad.

Thats more than what I got when I payed 600 bucks for my PS3 and I don't regret it at all. But it's the internet and the hivemind mentality prevails cause the ONLY reason anyone considers it overpriced is because it isn't as powerful as the PS4. Not that it isn't powerful, just because it isn't as powerful as the PS4 which is the only place it trumps the X1..POWER.

cell9892027d ago

WARNING: All your points are invalid

The PS3 was NOT overpriced, at the time it was the cheapest fully capable BluRay Player, that also happened to play AAA games, oh it also came with an HDD and integrated WiFi

A 720 capable Machine, maybe later it will do 1080P

The PS4 camera gives kinect a run for its money and its cheaper, also Kinect is not obligatory to enjoy COD, rather its being shoved down your throat, whether you like it or not

Seriously an MP3 player argument? thats grasping at straws right there my friend, we both know the PS4 will support this before devs can master the ESRAM in your xbone

Actually Movies and Online etc. will cost you $560.00 + tax on top of your Netflix/hulu paid subscription ^__^ watching TV is free tho as it has always been, thank God for that

I consider the xbone overpriced because even if you took out Kinect it still needs to cost less than the PS4 lol. It should sell for about $350.00 but Microsoft never wants to sell at a loss, like Sony is with the PS4, they dont like giving away freebies.

nukeitall2027d ago

You are talking to deaf ears.

The sales will speak for themselves, and right now every unit is allocated and sold. I think when the dust settles into next year is when we know if any of the consoles are overpriced.

So far only the Wii U seems over priced, but even that isn't for sure yet. The PS Vita though is overpriced, as nobody is really buying it.

Nexus382027d ago

typical baiting troll only gets agree because the site is made up of immature fanboys

theWB272027d ago

Oh Micro doesn't want to sell a product at a loss. You mean they're doing business? You mean they don't want to be operating at a constant loss like Sony. WHAT A BUNCH OF DUMBA$$'$ Microsoft is. SARCASM!!!!

Bang for your buck is purely subjective...the X1 isn't overpriced. You enjoy the extra pixels...I'll enjoy Halo, Forza, QB, etc along with the extra entertainment options Microsoft has built in. That is worth the 500 bucks to me.

The paywall argument is moot. MP is behind the paywall, the most important aspect of gaming nowadays. If you want to listen to music on your Sony for music unlimited.

They still haven't clarified if Gakai will be behind a paywall or not. I'd bet it will be since Sony needs cash in the worst way.

nasnas762027d ago

fan boy, "blah blah, over priced, blah blah..." Pulls out his 3rd annually upgraded $700 iPhone to check Instagram feed.

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LordMaim2027d ago

And yet Mt. St. Helens lies in the shadow of the Xbox One. Seriously, it's that big.

Fireseed2027d ago

Being slightly bigger than the original white 360 isn't all that big...

alexkoepp2027d ago

Bigger is better, everyone knows that

Blackdeath_6632027d ago

its massive not big, how they still haven't managed an internal powerbrick is beyond me that thing is half the size of the console itself

LordMaim2027d ago

Being slightly bigger than the original PS3 design on the other hand...

lsujester2027d ago

Here at Microsoft, we've worked long and hard to bring you the next piece of must-have entertainment hardware. It's completely revamped cooling system is much more efficient and effective than our last offering. No longer will you have to purchase eight systems during a generation due to overheating. No, we have cut that number in half! Half the amount of bad things is always good.

We've also taken great strides to bring you the most powerful piece of console hardware to ever exist. You may say that there is theoretical console with more power, but here at Microsoft, we firmly believe that if you pretend that something does not exist, it really does not. Therefore, I present to you the most powerful piece of gaming hardware ever to grace our universe.

We've also give you the most powerful gaming camera to ever come to living rooms. No other system will fail to capture your spastic flailing and vain attempts at communication like our new improved Kinect. Your living room will never be the same.

And last, but certainly not least, we have designed the most beautiful console to date. We searched far and wide for different designs to jolt our imaginations. We scoured the annals of retail history to see why products sold, and why they did not. We then took those popular designs and prototyped them into consoles. We have discarded hundreds, if not thousands of designs based on popular products, such as "Piggy Bank Xbox", "Chia Pet Xbox" (with actual chia!), "Etch A Sketch Xbox", "Rubik's Cube Xbox" (you'll never be able to figure it out!), and "Washing Machine Xbox". Then it finally dawned us. What electronics item did virtually every home in America have at one point? What item changed the world in how we watched videos at home, much as our new console will do?

The VCR!

Come and see folks, the One console you'll need this Christmas, the One entertainment device you'll need in your home (not including cable box if you actually want TV), the One console to rule them all...

Xbox One

Naga2027d ago

That was far too much effort for far too little humor. This wall of text shall stand as a monument in honor of fallen trolls around the world.

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