Opinion: Why Sony's Smart to Ship PS4 Accessories So Early

Push Square: "'The next generation doesn’t start until we say it does.' This classic quote from former Sony Computer Entertainment America president Kaz Hirai shortly before the PlayStation 3’s launch summarised the platform holder’s corporate attitude in 2006. Riding high off the sensational success of the PlayStation 2, the firm felt that the strength of its brand alone would allow it to overcome the popularity of the burgeoning Xbox 360 – even though its console commanded an embarrassing price point and an unconventional architecture. Despite its current generation console coming good in the end, though, there’s no doubt that the firm was humbled during the device’s formative years – and yet, it’s not necessarily shying too far away from the sentiment of the abovementioned quote at the present."

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GreenRanger2025d ago

Is there any chance that retailers will ship the console early?

get2sammyb2025d ago

I think that's very unlikely. I'm sure Sony will have scrict instructions to ensure that people aren't playing these things until 15th November - though no doubt someone will get in early!

Shake_Zula2025d ago

It's possible. I know that Amazon and GameStop receive their stock sometime next week for endpoint distribution. Either way November 2013 is probably going to be known as the month that broke UPS. You probably already notice the UPS trucks running later than normal here in the States. It begins!

SmokingMonkey2025d ago

and games, KZ4 and Knack have already started to sell.

This will definitely affect attach ratio's.

NexGen2025d ago

I got my controller from amazon early, and just got killzone from gamestop just now.

sprinterboy2025d ago

Def a smart move, especially for mums and dad's seeing products on sale for Xmas shopping etc. Also gives out the impression Sony as everything ready for launch ahead of schedule

DivineAssault 2022d ago

im glad they did.. I bought the camera, KZ, & a 2 TB HDD with this check, & i get paid again the day before launch to pick up anything else.. Also get a 3rd check this month! They FN joy!!! PS4 plus another big buy im working on thats non game related.. Got 2 days of overtime coming up this week too so i will be one happy man this month.. God is great & PS4 is the only nx gen console i plan to buy.. I have a wii u so ill get their exclusives when they come out but PS4 is going to be my primary console.. Ill get xbone when the price drops & a slimmer model releases.. If some exclusives i really want release (non shooting related)

Star692020d ago

I agree with pretty much what's being said here. It's just better for the gamers to get whatever PS4 stuff early that they can. I think it's good for them to have people posting vids etc showing the DS4 on PC and trying it on the PS3. It's just about beating M$ to the punch. Not sure what else is shipping. I did find this list http://www.ps4accessories.c... helpful in knowing what all I'm going to have to buy. Right now I'm a bit pissed at the headset situation. I can still use them on PS4 but hugely limited.