Battlefield 4 Additions that Raise Big Questions

DICE developer shares his personal customization for Battlefield 4, along with information on additional customization features.

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I've yet to play this game myself, I assume it's good as advertised?

xHeavYx2025d ago

Take a look at the streaming going on right now, it looks crazy

RAGE912025d ago

Pretty safe to say that DICE have done an amazing job! Looks great on both consoles and of course the PC

Skate-AK2025d ago

Good game. Dumbest thing ever though is that there is no Party System on consoles. It's a pain to get a squad of 5 all in the same match.

2025d ago
Godz Kastro2025d ago

Your assumptions are correct. Game is great... The Parcel map is absolutely amazing. The storm that ensues during battle is epic... I was almost as afraid of the typhoons as I was of bullets...


Are you sure? because someone disagreed with it lol

Godz Kastro2025d ago

haha...You know you played it, stop lying... I cant believe this site.

2025d ago
famoussasjohn2025d ago

When that storm kicked in and the thunder and rain pouring started, pretty crazy experience.

jmc88882025d ago

The PC beta was cool. Being hit by a falling skyscraper while parachuting was a new WTF lol experience.

BF3 was awesome too.

BLACKBIBLE2025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

??? I personally have not. I'm not into FPS's like that I'm into 3rd person. There are other writers on the site who did but not I.

game_infected2025d ago

Why players health is too high and hard to kill? Was it unbalanced in bf3?

KwietStorm2025d ago

Not sure what you're even talking about. Have you even played the game?

famoussasjohn2025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

You actually die a lot faster in this one compared to BF3.

If you're referring to E3 footage, they upped the player health just so people could enjoy the game.

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