Microsoft Clarifies the Confusion…Again

CCC Says: "Oh what a tangled web…
I truly feel this is one of the strangest rollouts of a new console cycle I’ve ever witnessed. As I’ve touched on extensively in the past, both Microsoft and Sony have almost spent as much time taking things back regarding misinformation about the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 as they have touting all the positive aspects of what we’ll get from them in the next-gen. Usually by this time, with launch day looming on the horizon, companies have settled into a comfort zone and are about to hit the cruise control. They’ve done their job promoting and selling their new system, now it’s just a matter of waiting for consumers to snatch them up. Well, not this time. A recent “clarification” released by Microsoft explained what types of data the Xbox One Kinect will collect and how the company plans to use that data."

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theWB272030d ago

They just released the TOS...what exactly is being clarified? Gaming journalism at its best.

JokesOnYou2030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

lol, The only difference between this launch and any other launch is the expansion of the internet= Everybody has a website so when theres no news, make up some to pay the bills.

theWB272030d ago

But at this point it's....Microsoft releases info= lets find something, ANYTHING to twist into a negative in order to draw the drones for clicks.

Godmars2902030d ago

And not find/show that Sony's done something similar.

Though still, what MS is doing with Kinect is more evasive than anything that Sony could do with their camera and the Eyetoy.

gamer20132030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

More flamebait garbage to feed the brand humping trolls with

slampunk2030d ago

Slow news day..... What a rubbish article..... cant wait til both consoles are out so we can start talking more about games, rather than blog rumours and this kind of crap!