Witch Beam Explains Why Cactus Won’t Be on Xbox One, Clarifies PS4 Comments

In a SheAttack exclusive interview with the makers behind Assault Android Cactus, Witch Beam discusses why their new venture will not be debuting on the Xbox One alongside the Wii U, PS4, and PS Vita versions early next year.

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NYC_Gamer2522d ago

That's MS fault for not getting back @developers of the game.

Saviour2521d ago

don't understand why MS not focusing on indies. phill also said no indies till early 2014. well hope all indies release on xbox in 2k14.

TheVideoGamHer2521d ago

According to this interview, unless these indies can afford to foot the bill for a larger third party publisher, then it won't happen for most.

iamnsuperman2522d ago

That's a fair enough of a reason. They developers tried it just seems Microsoft wasn't so fussed (which I think is very odd)

PopRocks3592522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

Further proving Nintendo and Sony are far more developer friendly than Microsoft.


Ah, another rare instance of agreement for us. Kudos sir, hope you had a fine Halloween.

MasterCornholio2522d ago

On that I agree with you.


Nexus 7 2013

TheVideoGamHer2521d ago

I was actually very surprised by how seemingly easy it was for them to get their game on Wii U considering Nintendo's tyrannical past lol.

PopRocks3592521d ago

Nintendo's apprehensive and prone to tradition, but contrary to what most people believe, they are forward thinkers when they need to be. Plus I think even they realize that they can't be the only ones making content for their hardware.

CAB1802theWiiUdefend2521d ago

The Wii U has so much potential, new engines, more glorious 1080p 60fps games, Great Indie dev support, getting great games.
But the thing is Nintendo, should do REAL NEXT GEN GAMES, not port, remakes etc. Nintendo has great developer support and it missed a lot of opportunities. Hopefully Nintendo can improve

MegaRay2521d ago

I hope no dev support ms untill they be more helpful for them. Sony and Big N love dev thus dev love them. Simple as that

kingPoS2521d ago

First impressions are everything.

TheVideoGamHer2521d ago

So very true. It's unfortunate that Microsoft isn't paying more attention to indies. They have made such an impact in gaming recently. Why miss the opportunity to get more support on your console?