PS4 vs Xbox One graphics: what are the differences and do they matter?

TechRadar:"On balance, Xbox One games won't look quite as good as PS4 games. However the difference is not going to be complete earth shattering. It will be relatively subtle. The PS4 will look that little bit sharper.
In that sense, you probably know who you are already. If you're a sucker for super-detailed graphics, there can be only one choice. PS4. For everyone else, it's a more marginal decision. But make no mistake. Whatever advatnage PS4 has at launch, it will largely maintain for the life of both consoles."

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ZBlacktt3878d ago

Asking people to pay $100 more and be sub-par in power and graphics from the start is not a good way to start I'd say. The X1 should have already been dropped to $399. Just to be fair and the same cost as the PS4.

Angels37853878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

Its funny how the article starts off immediately putting the xbox one at a disadvantage....not even on a level playing field..

"So how much better will ps4 games look?"

Everyone knows by now its the weaker system.

ZBlacktt3878d ago

I would just like to know why MS thinks the $500 X1 price tag is justified.

darthv723878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

There will always be the comparisons of platforms when it comes to similar games or the same game. I didnt buy the Ps2 and the xbox and the gamecube because of the similarities of the games compared. i bought them because of the differences.

I have been gaming for years and I still buy the consoles because of their differences. Many can be satisfied with buying one but to me i would rather play the field and experience the games that set each platform apart from the next.

there will be games and experiences that you just cant play any other way. It isnt about the graphics for me....its about the fun and all gaming platforms since the 2600 have strived to provide that key element and i have yet to be disappointed.

Angels37853878d ago

Because it a good mark up fpr its shareholders

mcstorm3878d ago

darthv72 your spot on. We always have a console that has more power than another and one that is the weakest of them all but this has never been my reason for buying any console its all been about games for me.

I picked an Xbox up for jsrf and halo, a ps2 for mgs2 and a gamecube up for Mario kart.

At this moment in time I own a wiiu and have numerous games on pre order as well as already have pikmin 3 sonic lost worlds, matiou, windwaker and a few more.

Where it has come to pre Ordering a ps4 or Xbox one I went for the Xbox one over the ps4 as I want Forza 5 and ki over any other games on the ps4 and one. For me its that simple and for people who go on about a game looking better on one console or another you really will not notice the difference unless you play them side by side and for me games like bf3, cod etc are not games getting me excited about the one or ps4 and not the reason I'm moving into the next gen?

ZBlacktt3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

Darth, that's because we come long before the Internet age. We all bought different consoles on purpose when we were young. So that we could go over to friends houses and play something new/different. That's how we ended up wit the Intellivision. While my friends had the 2600 and Colecovision. I talk a lot of Sony on here. But I have like 14 consoles which include all the current ones. I've just been on the Sony console since the very start so I lean that way 9 times out of 10.

@ AngelicIceDiamond below, no one is saying either is right or wrong. Try not to take the sides approach and more like what's fair to the gamers. Back in 2006 who had blu-ray drives? A cell processor chip in a console? Sony took a huge chance to bring something brand new to the market. They took a huge loss on every single console they sold for the first what 2, 3 years and then some. But look how it paid off. The Blu-ray wins the format war. All the PS3 games come on one disc even GOTY editions. Games like MGS4 are born and with the Cell chip. The console goes on to preform remarkable tasks out in the real world not game related. Here, take a look at just some of the accomplishments you might not be aware of that the PS3 as done.















Again, Sony gave us something the world was not ready for. But look at the power levels it could perform. This is not the case with the X1. It cost more, yet is less powerful and cost more.

Playstationologist3878d ago

What's funny is that every single disadvantage and negative about xbone was purposefully designed or caused by Microsoft.

Destrania3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

Yes, Wii and WiiU have always been much weaker hardware in comparison, but they also cost a lot less and pretty much target a completely different audience. More hardcore gamers I think care more about power/technically advanced hardware while also caring about having incredible games. That's something I love about Sony is they push in all directions. Unmatched visuals/cinematic quality in their titles as well as fantastic story, gameplay, A.I., etc. I've had more fun playing on my Playstations over the years than any other platform by a long shot. Imo, Sony has the most unique, varied, and exciting games library as well.

kickerz3878d ago

It's been a bad week for Microsoft. I'm yet to read one positive article (-_-)

P0werVR3878d ago


Sub par in your view. IMO I believe the price is justified for what it offers. So it's more of a personal opinion and not a stated fact.

If your not buying it, you shouldn't be worried. I don't believe it was justifiable when the PS3 came out around $600.

Gorilla_Killa_X3878d ago

Just replying so I can come back and check out all those ps3 accomplishments 1.1.5 at a later date.

Insomnia_843878d ago

It mattered to all Xbox followers when it came to multiplatform games on 360/PS3.

Why wouldn't it matter now????

Death3877d ago

It mattered to all Xbox followers?

First off, the Xbox 360 wasn't in "TrueHD" like the super computer PS3. If games were better on the Xbox 360, what does that say for the console that was supposed to crush it on release? You didn't see the Xbox fans bragging about the 360, it was always the other way around. Fast forward to today. PS fans still beating the drum. Where are the Xbox fans that call PS4 fans stupid for buying another Playstation? Hard to find, aren't they? It is always the Playstation with it's incredibly over promised power that takes the charge.

The Cell combined with Blu-ray was going to make the PS3 "TrueHD" 1080p before it released. Didn't happen. Now it is the PS4's turn at over promising and under-delivering. All PS4 games are 1080p natively and Xbox One are all 720p, right? Neither console has launched yet and the "war" is already over.

People are quick to excuse the PS4 launch games that are "subHD" since it's a new system and will get better with time. Somehow the same rule doesn't apply on the XboxOne with it's more complex architecture. History shows otherwise. The PS3 got better with age since it took longer to figure out. The PS4 will max out faster than the XboxOne. Who is really fooling themselves into thinking the easier to develop for console will get better longer?

What happened to the marathon? Suddenly when the Playstation sprints faster the race is over?

mewhy323877d ago

Very well written article. Pointed out what ive been saying for weeks and weeks.

AndrewLB3877d ago

Zblacktt- Go check out finance.yahoo.com and search for symbol SND. Sony today just got smacked with not only a $2 billion loss in corporate value due to being below earnings estimates and to slap them down even more, they were downgraded.

Considering those facts, I really don't see why people make the illogical assumption that SONY is doing things right, thus everyone else is doing it wrong.

If that were the case, Sony wouldn't be in the bad financial shape they're in.

Kaneda3877d ago


I am still waiting for 128fps and 4D games... like the told everyone when they announced PS3.

CuddlyREDRUM3877d ago

You are implying, and got credit for?, saying the PS4 is weaker?

Links or just fanboy logic?

No biggie to me, I hate all corporations.

AsimLeonheart3877d ago


No company can do every thing right. Just like MS failed with Bing, ultrabooks, original Xbox and Zune; Nintendo failed with Virtualboy, and maybe the Wii U; Nokia failed with N-gage. Innovation and technological advancements has its risks. The difference is that MS always has MsOffice and Windows to fall back to whenever it fails in a new venture. Sony does not have that kind of monopolistic control over market so it has to take the hit for the costly and failed ventures. Sony also had many successful ventures like Sony Walkman, Trinitron, Playstation consoles, Bravia TVs and many blockbuster movies. The current financial loss is because of the failing electronics division and not gaming. It is all part of business. You win some, you lose some.

FamilyGuy3877d ago

The biggest issue is the power it's the price. Paying more for less doesn't sit well with people and that's just all there is to it.
MS refuses to sell an X1 without Kinect so that's a hurdle they placed themselves that's getting in the way.

Despite the past indiscretions the X1 would have many fans still in their corner if they weren't forcing kinect down their throats. A kinect-less X1 at a price of $350-$400 would be appealing to many 360 owners.

Boody-Bandit3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

The graphical differences is just sprinkles on the ice cream.

Initial ludicrous restrictions with the XBOX ONE put me in the no category right out of the gate. Than we find out it's less powerful than the PS4, won't be compatible with existing 360 peripherals (requiring added cost for headphones, FFB wheels, Fight Sticks, etc) and on top of that it is going to cost $100 more. That was the deal breaker for me.

This is the 1st generation I am passing on 2 out of 3 at launch. The only console I am picking up (for now) is the PS4. I doubt I will ever own a Wii U because I have simply out grew Nintendo. Their franchise titles are great but stagnant for me.

I am taken a wait and see approach with the XBOX ONE and right now it's not looking good that I will ever get on board. They are money whores. There is no other way to put it. They want paid for everything that runs on their hardware, nearly every service they provide on their hardware and nearly every thing you plug into their hardware with it being totally reliant on proprietary (certifications and license fees).

With the PS4 most usb FFB wheels (Logitech G25, G27, Thrustmaster T500, etc) will work on their hardware. Now list are being compiled of various PC gaming headphones will work on the PS4 and they will expand that list with updates. It appears that the PS4 will be even more compatible with USB and Blutooth tech. Sony isn't trying to milk me for every last cent.

You up and left us with the XBOX. The 360 had the worst hardware failure rate in gaming history. Than you turned your back on your consumer base to chase after the casuals with Kinect. Now this is the direction you're choosing with the XBOX ONE? I don't think so.

Burn me once, shame on you. Burn me twice, shame on me. I wont be burned again. CIAO MS it's been..... well, nothing but a headache and a huge waste of money.

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Zancruz3878d ago

Agreed... Once Microsoft 180ed Kinect always had to be connected to the X1, Microsoft should've removed it from the box or sucked up the $100 loss and made the X1 $399 too.

P0werVR3878d ago

Than that would be a terrible business decision. The Kinect is far superior in what is offered compared to PS4's camera. So I would understand why Sony would shelve it to make PS4 cheaper. Kinect is an integral part of the system, not just for gaming but for ease of use. A lot of thought went into it and when prove it's worth once people start using it.

Zancruz3878d ago

@P0werVR The terrible busniness decision is taking away your consumers choice... Main reason why Microsoft 180ed the always connected kinect, People wanted the choice to use Kinect or Not! What about the people who wants an X1 but don't care for the Kinect? They gotta pay an extra $100 for some "superior" add on they don't want and especially when all of those Snap/Multitasking features could possibly be still used with just a Controller.

As far as the "Superior" Camera, Less just wait till both systems comes out that way we fully know the capabilities of both (Seeing that noone truly knows). Plus we gonna get some good comparison videos to see which one is Superior or not, Which one is useful, Which one actually works, Which one is a waste of time and money or Find out just how similar both cameras are...

With that all said, I wonder IF Microsoft made two different X1 Sku's one with the camera and one without for $400... I wonder which one with sale better? From my knowledge the Sony camera still selling well as and add on accessory.

P0werVR3878d ago

No consumer choice is taken away. That's terrible point you've just made. It's simple, your choice comes in whether you want to buy it or not. Right?!

So nothing taken away from the consumer. It's their job to inform us in why it's worth it's value they offer. Nothing more or less. You're over complicating it and shows your true intentions.

So you don't know whether or not what a consumer wants until the product is ACTUALLY released. You can't speak for the product/service now, it's ridiculous.

I hope they don't come out with different SKUs without the Kinect and doubt they will. It's bad business choice. Kincect will do just fine and will be proven. I bet my money on Xbox One and why I'm buying it at launch. I've done enough DD to say it's a better console overall than PS4.

Insomnia_843878d ago


It has absolutely nothing to do with being an "integral part of the system" or "ease of use"(stop repeating their exact marketing words and think for yourself) it always been about SELLING YOUR INFORMATION!!