Rondo of Swords Review at CheatCC - Deserves a Standing Ovation

CheatCC writes: "Rondo of Swords is a great game and is a must-buy for any fan of SRPGs. What makes this game so great, and why am I recommending it so heartily? The answer is simple: because Rondo of Swords breaks the mold that so many other SRPGs follow and instead tries something very new, very different, and very fun. And thankfully, it all works quite well and ultimately allows for a deep, satisfying strategy experience on the Nintendo DS."

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bloodred_dragon4691d ago

Yes! A good review for this game for once. Now we just need someone to see the beauty of Baroque and everything will be well.

ManOnFire4691d ago

I have seen footage and read some reviews. It seems like a game that I would like. I hope to buy it someday.