Microsoft Uses PC Battlefield 4 Footage in Xbox Promo

Microsoft is sponsoring a “Battlefield Showdown” tournament of sorts, and is promoting it on the official Xbox Youtube channel with an Xbox-branded trailer for the showdown. The problem? The game footage (despite having an Xbox logo watermarked on it), isn’t from the Xbox 360 or the Xbox One. It’s from the PC.

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GarrusVakarian3001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

Wow, that's low. Im sure DICE/EA have done this before for earlier battlefield games too, showing PC gameplay and passing it off as console gameplay.

Doesn't exactly give your customers confidence if you can't even be truthful enough to show gameplay from the platform you expect them to buy from you.

xHeavYx3001d ago

Video pulled down in 3...2...1...

amiga-man3001d ago

Smoke and mirrors M$ favourite game,

yet people still fall for it.

Angels37853001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

But the xbox one version is clearly better!! Microsoft shouldn't hide behind measly pc footage...haven't you heard? The xbox on version upscaled is clearly superior to its non upscaled....more powerful counterparts.....smh

It seems like every day Microsoft finds a new way to kick themselves in the face.

scofios3001d ago

Bu bu but..Pc's runs on windows.

pyramidshead3001d ago

Will be interesting to see how this event goes down after all that's come out in the last 2 weeks. Hopefully we get confirmation that they're running on retail kits.

Infamous2983001d ago

@Angels3785 what did you expect from the delusional, hypocrite xbots.

GTgamer3001d ago

Slow Clapping while looking at the Xone that wasn't you was it :(.

FlunkinMonkey3001d ago

Mirrors and Smoke

Multiple Snakes

Micro Straws

These lot are a running joke.. The audacity.

hakeem09963001d ago

PC is still MS ,plus it's a commercial for the tournament not an advertisement for the Xbox 1 .they can use PS4 footage if they want .

iamnsuperman3001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

What annoys me the most about this is not because they did it (though it is annoying a disrespectful to us gamers talk about treating your fans as idiots), what annoys me most is the laziness about it. Do people not watch videos through (it is a short video) before uploading it

Ezz20133001d ago

it's really getting sad now
how low can you ,Microsoft ?!

decrypt3001d ago

Typical console makers and their deceit.

pixelsword3000d ago

People got on GG for doing that with Killzone 2, but they backed-up their claims.

Microsoft just dug themselves another hole.

I think they want to shoot themselves in the foot before this gen starts so they can blame bad sales on bad PR... I mean, how else can anyone explain their course of action?

dedicatedtogamers3000d ago

@ pixelsword

Yeah, but unlike the situation with Killzone 2, the gaming "journalists" won't hold Microsoft accountable. They never do. It happened so many times where Xbox 360 games were advertised with bullshots and touched-up trailers but no one made a peep about it.

SilentNegotiator3000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

I'm sure it was EA's idea anyway. Even if EA wasn't that scummy, Microsoft probably would demand PC footage for the Xbox commercials, if handed Xbox footage.

avengers19783000d ago

@ Hakeem the video is major Nelson, and has a Xbox logo in the corner, so yea it pretty much is an ad for the XB1

mewhy323000d ago

Wow. Another trick concerning the bone. Wow. Will these guys never learn?

nosferatuzodd3000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

smoke and mirrors indeed they pay people to rate the system and give ps4 7 out of 10 and them 8 out of 10 and get this they get a point for the magical fairytale cloud.
They did it with gears of war too its bin going on for a long time ppl are just catching on to their dirty games how ppl trust this company is beyond me i have nothing against Xbox line its Microshft shady business practices i don't like

Microsoft can tell bots the sky is red, they'll believe it and kill anyone who don't

loulou3000d ago

is this a fake post??

have a look at this footage no backspace button to be found.

that is probably why it is not on neogaf

loulou3000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

time for some crow kiddies there is even a dice dev on the forum.

definately xb1 footage. lol you lot and every other pathetic fanboy just got trolled.

even though i will be getting this on ps4, it is funny watching fanboys being made to look the pathetic f'king fanboys that they are lol

user55757083000d ago

lol why am i not surprised.

im sure they had to specify somewhere in the fine print that pops up for 1/2 a second which you have to pause and get your magnifying glass to see

Major_Glitch3000d ago

@loulou and togugawa lol. You guys should really read what you post before you post it. Not only did you both fail to prove your point, but by citing nonsense, you only made yourselves look more delusional.

tokugawa3000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

major glitch

firstly, they re-used the demo with the backspace button. secondly, read the neogaf thread, then see the vid on my link and you can clearly see that it is xb1 footage.

everyone just got trolled lmao and everyone made themselves look desperate. well played people

The-mindblowerfucker3000d ago

*Grabs popcorn*
*Waiting for xbox main channel on youtube to disable the comments section of the video*

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Mikelarry3001d ago

bah you are talking sense and facts again lukas, please stop :)

GmIsOnPt3603001d ago

havent a comparison video already been done between the 2??? its not as though its never been seen, and the differences are minimal to be honest

GarrusVakarian3001d ago

Differences minimal between PC and X1? Lol, you couldn't be more wrong.

MysticStrummer3000d ago

Substantially higher resolution, better AA, and better lighting are not minimal differences.

avengers19783000d ago

Then why not show the console version for there video, if the differences are so minimal

IRON883 3001d ago

Oh Microsoft u should be ashamed of your self how can u do this:( but hey u wanna keep digging a hole before Xbox one release then go ahead

MEGANE3000d ago

Microsoft, reinventing the "face palm" since 2013

The_Sneauxman3000d ago

Bubble for you MEGANE.. That's funny. Truly my face-palms have changed since E3. haha

stuna13001d ago

That's not the PCs version! It's the sauce!

sigfredod3001d ago

Oh that explain it all, that is how it look after the second gpu is activated, (the one hide inside the power brick) thats the reason is so big

HighResHero3000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

When teh Cloud water vapor passes through the power brick it elicits the "secret sauce response" which is then carried by Mtn Dew to the super-secret second GPU receptor site activating it instantly.

dantesparda3000d ago

Lol, bubbles for making me laugh

badz1493001d ago

How predictable, MS! Putting an overpriced low spec console on the market is one thing but being ashamed of what it produces is just low! At least show some guts and be proud of what you sell. If yourself aren't who else will?

harrisk9543001d ago

It's amazing that MS keeps getting away with this stuff and that people will still go out and buy an XB1. smh

stuna13001d ago

How much anyone wants to bet that when it's released for the Xbox1, that the game case says 1080p in red!

FunkMacNasty3001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

Are you people really that blind?? DICE/EA have been using PC footage of Battlefield to market the game on current consoles since BF3. And they've done it on BOTH consoles. Do you think this will change, as they market the next gen versions, and related BF promo's like tournaments, etc?

Yep, that's right, even your precious little angel, SONY used PC footage in its ads for the ps3 versions of BF3 and 4.

Furthermore, This isn't even news its a click-bait/flame-bait article, as is par for the course on N4G these days.

GarrusVakarian3001d ago

You misread my post. I said that EA/DICE have done this before, that blame falls to them. This article is talking about MICROSOFT doing it at a MS sponsored BF4 event.

See the difference?

DevilishSix3001d ago

Was it not back around E3 or X1 reveal where MS was actually using screens from Killzone:SF to promote their console? Or was that debunked?

Persian_Immortal3000d ago

Microsoft did infact used Killzone Shadowfall for marketing purposes it was their Dutch facebook page that posted it. The Post read top upcoming xbox one games with a screen grab of NFL 25th anniversary, Forza, and KZ shadowfall.

dennett3163000d ago

@Persian, well, to be fair to the Dutch, they are a little bit more relaxed when it comes to "herbal supplements", if you know what I mean. Probably too baked to realise what they were posting.

BallsEye3001d ago

People forget that the leaked "review" build was 2 months old, it did not have half of the effects, multiplayer and kinect functionality which was confirmed by dice in a tweet. XO version will receive almost 2 gig patch on day one for BF4. Let's not be so fast to assume that final version will run in 720p. If we'd be looking at early ps4 version of some game running in low res and not having effects implemented you'd all be saying.. IT's ALPHA it's not the final build!

GarrusVakarian3001d ago

Damage control.

I thought the only thing missing was a lighting effect? Apart from that im pretty sure it was final build.......

Destrania3000d ago

Oh... My... God. I can't believe what you just wrote and posted @BallsEye. Wooow. I guess no matter what comes out in reality there are still Xbots that will make up utter nonsense and lie to themselves and others to keep believing everything is okay. I told you to take the balls off your eye a long time ago. Pathetic. smh.

DigitalRaptor3000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

One day BallsEye, if not today, you're going to have to deal with the fact that Microsoft didn't create their gaming console with gaming as a priority. Due to this, its already lesser resources were allocated to non-gaming features before they even had a chance to be used by developers in their raw form.

It's been stated that Activision asked Microsoft to use the 10% OS allocated GPU portion as resources to help improve the game, and Microsoft said no stating that "it would result in the environment being too unstable." Pretty sad, for a gaming console.

Now if a game with engines like CoD are having trouble maintaining parity and requiring more GPU resources than are available, how do you think things are going to improve for devs doing a lot more with their games? Perhaps things will somehow improve but you'd have to be very positive to keep that hope going.

dennett3163000d ago

You are deluded BallsEye. Yes, the Xbox One version has Ambient Occlusion to be added, but it is in no way an Alpha build that was shown. Fact is, the One is harder to develop for, and Dice were no doubt pressed for time. We are very close to release, no way was the PS4 version final, and the One version Alpha.
The resolution has been confirmed, deal with it.
Oh, incidentally, you think a resource heavy feature like ambient occlusion can be added without affecting performance? The PS4 version already performed better with it included, the One version will actually drop back further unless some other trade-offs are made.
For a difference in performance THIS large in the first wave of games - and multi=platform games no less - it doesn't bode well for the future of the One...especially when developers really start upping the effects in their games and pushing the boundaries.

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FITgamer3001d ago

Microsoft, making you face palm on the daily.

omi25p3000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

Isnt this footage from the multiplayer trailer? Not footage Microsoft themselves have recorded...

But hey, Lets all jump on the antiXbox bandwagon create by this bullshi... I mean reputable Webite.

Down with Microsoft. Burn there evil doings to the ground. Boo!

GarrusVakarian3000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

I don't think you understand what the problem is......

They have taken PC footage and passed it off as Xbox One footage (see the Xbox logo top right). That shows that MS aren't even confident in their version of BF4 enough to show it running in a trailer, thus, how are their customers supposed to be confident in their purcahse if the company they are buying it from isn't?

It's not about jumping on a band wagon, or being a fanboy. Its calling out a BS, slimy tactic used to trick gamers.

omi25p3000d ago

You realise MS didnt even edit the video right. its a promotion done by EA using Popular faces from MS like Major Nelson to help promote EA's new game.

EA want their game to look as good as it can when showing it in a trailer, So they use the best version of it.

GarrusVakarian3000d ago

"and is promoting it on the official Xbox Youtube channel with an Xbox-branded trailer for the showdown."

I don't get what's so hard for you to understand. MS is showing a video on their very own YouTube channel showing BF4 running on PC.....with an xbox logo on the top left of the video.

MS is sponsoring the event, and MS put the video on the official Xbox YouTube.

omi25p3000d ago

Yet all the gameplay they showed being played during the live event was played on the X1... So who the hell cares? If this were Sony no one would give a

LetoAtreides823000d ago

No omni, the live event had Xbone on the first day and PS4 on the second day. It was supposed to have single player and multiplayer playable for both but only the PS4 version's multiplayer was playable.

omi25p3000d ago

1. OMI not omni.
2. The Live event that was literally shown yesterday with 2 teams battling it on X1. 1 team from Europe with Acey Bongos as the Leader and the Other team from the USA with Major Nelson as the leader.
3. All played on X1 live.

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Jazz41083000d ago

well this was also proven false what's next fanboy hators. Im embaraases at most gamers these days and I hope this mess from n4g go to the ps4 as they belong one another. Start rumors against ms and call them lieing while the gamers who are not little kids or brainwashed quietly enjoy all games not systems. Get over it as karma is a bitch.

PsychoSupaman3000d ago

Bull! Watched it live, no button.. RIDICULOUS..

mrmarx3000d ago

lies... it's the power of the cloud

trywizardo3000d ago watch this they decide what next gen looks better
and yeah X1 looks light a high tech PC

Blachek3000d ago

Represent your product in the best light. It is cloudy on visuals but illustrates gameplay. Wouldnt be suprised if this is EAs policy across every platform.

kevnb3000d ago

And Microsoft doesn't even acknowledge pc gaming anymore, this is why windows will die.

AlexanderNevermind3000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

Oh but they do They acknowledge Windows when they think it helps their cause..... See Titan Fall.

PSX043000d ago

the xbone is dies slowly