Problems with Online Multiplayer

"Recently, there have been issues with games and their online multiplayer functionality. The launch of SimCity was a very bad one, and Grand Theft Auto 5 has also had some issues. The difference between these two games and their issues was that while one wouldn’t let you play with people online, the other would not let you play the game at all. Multiplayer downtime is never a good thing for a game, but if there is something the players can do while the multiplayer is down, then the downtime is not as bad." - Zack Cowan @GamerFitNation

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I know out the gate GTA had issues

fredolopez2029d ago

Some games just aren't the same without online.

sinclaircrown2029d ago

Online gaming will always suffer problems. Some from the start, some down the line.


Yeah that true. Heck I couldn't get online with GTA at all at 1st.