People Can Fly renamed to Epic Games Poland, working on Fortnite

People Can Fly, the Epic Games subsidiary developer behind Gears of War: Judgment and Bulletstorm has been renamed to Epic Games Poland, a company representative confirmed to Pixel Enemy today.

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Software_Lover2031d ago

I liked bulletstorm. They should've taken some of the mechanics in that game and added them to Gears of war.

TheEnigma3132031d ago

Bullet storm was pretty fun; it reminded me of serious sam.

zpoc2031d ago

the founders of PCF left the company a while ago, anyway. their new studio's game looks pretty interesting.

Pintheshadows2031d ago

Yeah, and a few left before that and now make awesome titles like Shadow Warrior. Shadow Warrior is incredible.

Axonometri2031d ago

I... I... I thought this was Epic's big UE4 game?!
Me smells something else cooking in the kitchen!