'Forza 5' work began 'four years ago even before we shipped Forza Motorsport 4'

Forza Motorsport 5 is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most wanted launch titles coming to the Xbox One, and we found out the development team at Turn 10 Studios has invested an enormous amount of time in the creation of this game.

When Examiner had the opportunity to speak exclusively with Dan Greenawalt, who is the creative director at Turn 10 Studios, he detailed to us how much time the development team has had on Forza Motorsport 5, even to the point of working on it before they shipped Forza 4.

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AceBlazer132030d ago

how long has microsoft been working on the xbone?

miklo842030d ago

"we began discussing the console that would become the Xbox One as early as four years ago"........ So, I would guess for years ago.

FANTA11802030d ago

all these companies do the same ... they all start years ahead esp on hardware.

badz1492030d ago

4 years and THAT'S the best they can give? I cam shenenigans!

nukeitall2030d ago

Forza 5 shows!

It is realistic 1080p at rock solid 60fps and driveatar implemented.

3-4-52030d ago

You realize you can start the creative process of working on a game....without have the system to produce said game on right?

Ideas come first. Do we need XB1 for ideas and for concept art and music.......NO.

You don't just day one start making a game.

You plan every little detail out first.

That takes time and with a launch title like this, it took years.

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Athlon2030d ago

This is really kind of disheartening if that's true. Considering they've had all that time to work on it yet they don't have weather effects and day/night cycles as well as it featuring a mostly static background.

Naga2030d ago

The amount of achievement you have to overlook in order to make that statement is staggering.

GarrusVakarian2030d ago

Although i do agree with you, he DOES have a point. 4 years and no day/night cycles or weather effects is disappointing. I wouldn't go so far as "disheartening" though, the game still looks awesome.

xJumpManx2030d ago

@Lukas_Japonicus, I am just happy its coming out remember the debacle of Gran Turismo on the ps3. How many years yes years was that delayed when it was first announced it was presumed to be a launch title.

darthv722030d ago

Forza never had those features. T10 didnt want them in the game. Why must one game have to aspire to have the same features as another?

if we are talking about the SAMe GAME then i can see the issue but we are comparing one racing game to another.

What works for one isnt automatically applied to the other. Especially if that was not the intention of the developer.

Forza is about the car models and the speed and customization. you dont get pretty car models if you are looking at them in the rain or at night.

People seem to think its a limitation of the platform but it really about what the developer wants to create. T10 has been making Forza for years and they have been improving on their style and keeping true to their intentions.

If another deev wants to veer off and change things around then so be it. if it aint broke....why try and fix it.

if you want a game with weather effect...there is always need for speed.

Godmars2902030d ago

The stigma of sameness comes from Turn 10's declaration that Forza was going to replace GT in the entire industry. Not be its own game and franchise on its own system, but be better than GT in every way and take the general popular position that other series had earned over more than a decade and two console generations before it.

And then after making many statements to that effect, of beginning a rivalry with PD, Turn 10 pretty much gave up on being better with Forza 4 which was more of an add-on pack with a Kinect powered showroom spectator mode for Forza 3 than a true sequel. It also showed off the 360's growing DVD limitations.

And while they must be breathing a sigh of relief that GT6 is staying on the PS3, Forza 5 is still going to have to deal with comparisons to that game as well as Driveclub. And both have features it lacks.

Utalkin2me2030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )


All modern day racers have weather effects in them. But if you want to believe that turn 10 decided to go with "If it aint broke, don't fix it" approach then so be it.Obviously you have never raced a nighttime race either, it changes the whole aspect of racing. I like having these aspects in my racing games, it completely changes the aspect of a track. Instead of racing it in day time on pavement every single time.

For me its called variety has nothing about trying to be like another game or blah blah as you say. What is Forza 5 doing that no other racer is doing? Thats my question.


I don't really know how anyone would take this game seriously as a simulation racer if it can't simulate different weather effects and the effects that has on racing.

I am not a big racing sim fan but I owned all the forza games up to number 3. I didn't bother with 4 because I honestly felt the difference was not enough for the asking price.

I finally got to play forza 5 at the London event the other day. nothing about the game blew me away at all.

now it may not be fair to judge the whole game off a short few laps.. but honestly if they really wanted to show the game off and blow peoples minds away with what is possible on next gen then they picked the worse track to show it off on.

maybe if they had added some weather effects etc it would have done more to show off just how much they can do now. as it stands there seems to be hardly any difference.

The dev's can talk from now till tomorrow, till they are blue in the face about features and the power of the cloud and all that trash, if it does not translate into something I can see and play on screen it means nothing.

anyway... I will shut up now.

darthv722030d ago

i dont know what it is but when i play a game, i tend not to make comparatives to another game. I play the game for the game that it is not the game that it could be.

Maybe its years of experience that allows me to distinguish between platforms, game styles and knwo that when im playing a GT it as a GT game and when playing a Forza game, play it as a forza game. Not mix the two and think how (insert game) would be better if it had (insert game feature from other game here).

Godmars2902030d ago

And again, the point is that Turn 10 made the distinction of saying that they would be the best, that they'd be the only realistic driving/racing sim series you would ever need to play again, then failed to live up to that claim. Actively ignored aspects of driving and racing like weather and night. If they had just kept within their own world, not pick a fight with someone else to try and take their position in the pecking order, There would largely be nothing to argue about. they simply would have earned their own place.

MysticStrummer2030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

"we are comparing one racing game to another.

What works for one isnt automatically applied to the other."

You can't claim to be the better simulator when you simulate fewer real world conditions.

@onagao below - GT still wins in that case. Just to be clear, I'm not saying Forza isn't a great game. I'm saying it's not the best console racing sim. Neither game is thought of highly when compared to PC racing sims by the way.

Naga2030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

@ Godmars290

Not saying it didn't happen, but do you have a source for that claim that Turn 10 made the "declaration that Forza was going to replace GT in the entire industry"?

Having followed Forza since its inception, I remember quite clearly that Turn 10 was tremendously humble in the beginning. They made consistent and deliberate overtures to the effect that Gran Turismo was the top dog - at least for the first two or three games.

When Forza 4 came out, they became the highest rated console racing franchise, which earns them at least some bragging rights. You can criticize them as much as you want for no longer being so deferential to Sony and Gran Turismo... but (1) your statements about their bold claims seem to be without merit, and (2) Turn 10 *has* earned their keep in the market.

Looking over some of your previous comments about Forza 4 not being a true sequel, but more of an add-on with Kinect features... it is pretty clear that you don't have much personal experience with the Forza series.

nukeitall2030d ago

Forza series has consistently been innovative and pioneered their own way. Why try and copy somebody else if they don't think it is necessary!

That is like saying GT doesn't have the same type of customization as Forza.

Naga2030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

@ MysticStrummer

You actually can make that claim, if you are talking about quality of simulations versus quantity of simulations.

Hicken2030d ago

Forza's a great game. That's wonderful. But they haven't set out to do what they themselves said they intended: dethrone Gran Turismo.

But they can't pull that off without actually doing what Gran Turismo does, only better. And really, what sim out there DOESN'T have night racing, or racing in inclement weather? Like it or not, these things ARE key elements when considering how well a game is at being a racing sim.

Hell, people jumped all over GT for not having a livery editor... as if that impacts the simulator aspect of the game. But night racing DOES. Rainy weather and off-road driving DO. Turn 10 can't make or follow through on their claim of surpassing Polyphony Digital- and neither can their fans- if they can't match and then exceed what the incumbent offers.

Twisting it any other way is just making excuses. Well, I guess the Xbox crowd is good at that, right, darth?

Godmars2902030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

In asking the question and admitting that indeed they brought up GT you've answered yourself.

GT is the best - known - driving sim of the Playstation brand just as Forza has become the best known driving sim on the Xbox. Whereas there are a number of PC racing sims which are actually technically/mechanically better than both. When Turn 10 said *anything* about them being the best, that it would become reason to buy their console brand over any competition, they overstepped their bounds.

As for what I think of Forza 4, pretty sure that it was announced immediately after Forza 3 as a Kinect spotlight title.

Naga2030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

@ Godmars290:
"In asking the question and admitting that indeed they brought up GT you've answered yourself."

So you don't actually have a source, then? You just made that up.... Look, Turn 10 have always maintained a very humble and respectful stance with regard to Gran Turismo. In fact, that's been one of the most noteworthy aspects of the rivalry. They did not bring up the comparisons themselves, but the questions were inevitably raised by the media, and the connections were drawn. The level of humility with which Turn 10 has conducted themselves as the Forza franchise has grown has been nothing short of commendable. So for you to put words and their mouth and make up bold claims which they never made is ignorantly immature at best, and blatantly dishonest at worst.

The only claims they have made even remotely close to saying they are the "best" is citing the critical ratings and claiming - accurately - that they are the highest rated console racing franchise. That's a far cry from the criticism you're throwing at them.

"As for what I think of Forza 4, pretty sure that it was announced immediately after Forza 3 as a Kinect spotlight title."

First, your timing is off. Second, they highlighted Kinect integration as part of the Forza 4 experience. That hardly substantiates your conclusion. The fact of the matter is that you don't know what you're talking about. As the only one of us who has actually played them, I can say Forza 4 was leaps ahead of Forza 3 in many ways. Don't believe me? Read the reviews.

Please educate yourself before continuing this sort of argument.

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Kayant2030d ago

I agree on that also but after looking at these two videos you can also see the movement of the cars is very realistic, the way the car's weight's shifts has it tires react on uneven surfaces. So they are achieving a lot in other places. -->

Utalkin2me2030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

I'm gonna be honest that looks very comparable to GT5, just saying. And the sad thing is why does it have draw in? Look at second video, and when he comes around turn 4 coming to start finish line, its drawing in the crowd on the left side. Thats kind of sad actually.

FANTA11802030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )


gran turismo on ps3 was an absolute mess , and when it finally released it was 70% of a game missing tons of things , that you had to download months later.

plus it played sub par to forza, and had only interior graphics for like 19 car? lmaooooooooo

its incredible that noone can win .... forza is going to be the best simulator again ... and again.

yet people wanna nitpick on weather effects and night driving ...


Utalkin2me2030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

Maybe you should read up on facts before you go posting lies. Really only 19 cars had interior graphics....WOW, just WOW. And the game was missing tons of things. Such as? Enlighten me please.

Revolver_X_2030d ago

Hey Fanta, lets just let numbers tell the story. Which Forza has sold more then any GT? The answer is none. Hell, even GT Prologues sel better.

MysticStrummer2030d ago

So you lie about the number of GT cars with interior graphics, ignore the high res last gen backgrounds of Forza 5, and you actually think a game with fewer real world conditions is a better simulator.


Hicken2030d ago

19 cars? That's odd, cuz I've got a hundred of em. Hmm..

Does Forza even have endurance races? I only ask cuz I'm 6 hours into a 9 hour race, and it's pretty brutal. It used to be worse back in the day, though, when all you could do was pause the game and hope the power didn't go out.

Is it possible to run the 24 hours of Le Mans, or Daytona or the Nurburgring, or do a 1000km race at Suzuka? I mean in Forza, cuz it's possible in GT.

InTheLab2030d ago

I'm guessing you've played neither Turismo or Forza.

Of all the fanboys, it's the GT vs Forza group that I can't stand.

Yeah only 200 cars had real interiors but they were the best cars in the entire racing genre. With that said, the game should have been delayed as features like tuning the final drive were not in place. The game can't ship with features missing from the previous gen.

On the Forza side, not having night driving or weather is bad. Very bad. What makes it bad is the fact that this is the 5th Forza. They've been pumping this franchise out the door for years and have improved on nothing since Forza 3 Ultimate....which was the last GOOD Forza. All Forza 5 is is just another numbered racer.

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badkolo2030d ago

why is it disheartinging, the ps4 can release missing many key features and thats ok somehow, ms needs to get up to speed as well but thats a issue now?? lets be fair

Biggest2030d ago

What key features? Gran Turismo has had day/night cycles since the early 2000s.

Dread2030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

and no real damage to vehicles.

but you know its sony, so they get a pass.

Biggest2030d ago

They had a contract with car manufacturers to leave the cars in pristine condition.

It isn't a pass. It's the way it was. They eventually got the go-ahead to allow some damage. Does the Forza team have a contract with God about making day/night cycles?

Septic2030d ago


Day/night cycles are a key feature are they?

What about GT5 that was in the works for YEARS and ended up being a broken mess with 'non premium' cars imported from the PS2 version?

Forget key features, that was downright broken.

The day/night cycle is just a poor attempt to discredit Forza which is an excellent series.

Biggest2030d ago

Did the PS2 model cars not work? How were they broken?

I dare you to say that they were ugly, because less than 5 minutes ago you were in a topic about graphics and you seemed to be in the "they don't matter" camp.

creeping judas2030d ago

Day and night cycles for all tracks in GT5? It sounds like when anyone holds GT against Forza, it's always this day and night cycle debate. Well how many tracks had day and night cycle? Now it's been a while since I played but I am quite sure it wasnt all tracks, and I'm quite sure that I could count the amount of tracks with day night cycles on one hand. But then again I could be wrong?

InTheLab2030d ago


You people that don't play racers love bringing up the damage/interiors but that was not the issue with GT5. It's the tuning under the hood.

Play the games before you chime in with nonsense. The game was far from broken and even in it's "broken" state, it had more features that worked than all of Forza 3U and F4.

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Kayant2030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

PS4 is not an a game.... And XB1 is also not releasing with everything either....

badkolo2030d ago

no, key features as in no mp3, no cd, no dvd , no blue ray, no hdd support, some come with patch somme dont, so to sit here and blast ms for the stuff sony is doing as well is dumb. both are releasing consoles that will get better over time, but when sony delivers a unfinished boxd its ok somehow, but it does play games and thats all that matters right. i rather have a system that does much more at launch

svoulis2030d ago

You're kidding right?

I admit Forza is stunning but really @badkolo?

You wanna talk the patch game?


Enjoy that.

People...seriously if you are going to battle over this crap at least use logic. Thanks.

MysticStrummer2030d ago

"People...seriously if you are going to battle over this crap at least use logic."

Good luck with that. Some people on here are actually claiming upscaled 720p looks better than native 1080p. Suddenly bad AA is not only acceptable, it's preferable. Better lighting is ignored. Higher resolution is nothing to write home about. The secret sauce not only keeps on coming, it's recipe also keeps changing.

InTheLab2030d ago

Blue Ray....

Must be Blu Ray's broke ass cousin...? I think that's call HD DVD.

Utalkin2me2030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )


Im not getting what you're meaning by "no cd, no dvd" and i have no clue of what "blue ray" is. HDD support? How misinformed people really are. Sorry i have a 1tb drive waiting for my PS4.

Im actually surprised you even have 2 bubbles, so im going to try to help that along to 1. Cause in all honesty you should not be aloud to comment more then once.

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805Junior8052030d ago

How long it's going to take for developers to develop a 1080p game on Xbox One I guess....

demonicale6662030d ago

SO 4 years leads to completly messing up next gen. Ok maybe not completly, but the xboxone is a let down for me.

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