End in Sight for Wii U Problems?

"I support and have always been a huge fan of just about anything Nintendo has been involved with. I have more fond memories from there franchises and systems over the years than anyone. That was until the Wii. Since then they have seemed to have lost their focus and direction. Innovation is a good thing but when it comes before games and the fans that have supported you, it becomes a serious issue." -BootHammer

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ContraCode2027d ago

They do seem to be repeating this apology speech and admitting over and over again that they realize the Wii U isn't doing well with little resolve.

Slowly but surely there are some great games coming but they really need to focus on brand new IP's and reviving older franchises as you brought up. And please promote the blasted thing Nintendo.

Dravidian2027d ago

Ditto on the advertising part. I've seen more ps4 ads(2) than wii u ads(0)...

brian198762027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

One of nintendo problems with sales is they dont advertise at all Ive seen more xbox one ads in the last week than ive ever seen for wii u since release. i know people who don't even know what a wii u is or think it a add on for the wii

BootHammer2027d ago

Exactly, there has been an enormous amount of commercials for the PS4 and Xbox One. And they are promoting these adds at the best time...during The Walking Dead! I"m sure the cost is enormous but so is the exposure.

GordonKnight2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

I think Nintendo is waiting to spend their money on commercials after the launch of PS4 & XBONE. That will be right before Mario Kart 8 is released and PS & XB launch titles have dried up. Why spend money now when everyone is paying attention to the two next gen consoles about to be released. Then when people are complaining PS4 & XBONE need more games. Here comes Nintendo advertising Mario Kart 8, Donkey Kong, & X with all the other great games already on the Wii U.

jsslifelike2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )


I hope you're right about that one. Sometimes, I think we give Nintendo TOO MUCH credit(myself included), but time will tell. IMO, Wii U is THE next-gen console for this holiday. Hell, it's THE ONLY ONE WITH THINGS TO PLAY ON IT.

Actually, I kinda find it hilarious how many snobs criticized and laughed at Wii U for a solid year and now they're scrambling to create reasons to justify their upcoming PS4/X1 purchases when those machines' tales will be identical.

GordonKnight2027d ago

I've never meet someone who thought the Wii U was an add-on.

SpiralTear2027d ago

You're one of the lucky ones, but trust me, it's happening. Best Buy has been reported to hiring employees who are telling customers to buy a Wii instead of a Wii U saying that they "are the same thing." That bothers me since they're hiring people who are selling an item that they simply do not understand. It's false advertising, all things considered.

On the other hand, it is common to mistake the Wii U for an add-on; in fact, it's a big barrier preventing Nintendo from really getting the thing off shelves. I just think certain institutions need to act professionally. Like I said, you're one of the rare cases.

By the way, funny how your situation has so many disagrees, as if all of N4G knows you personally or something.

LOL_WUT2027d ago

I don't think the WiiU's problems will end soon it all depends if Mario can keep the console afloat and also how well both Sony and Microsofts consoles do at launch. The holidays are going to dictate the Wii U's future. ;)

BootHammer2027d ago

With tons of pre-orders, lots of advertisements and great launch titles, I think Sony and Microsoft are going to do very well. Nintendo blew the year head start and they just might pay for it now. Hopefully they can buckle down and get some serious software out there.

4logpc2027d ago

Nintendo just needs to release the software....And not the easy stuff like a 2d Mario and Donkey Kong.

Make full 3D mario, full 3D Donkey Kong, New Star Fox that is not 2 hours long, New Zelda that is similar to the Twilight Princess visuals, and throw in a full 3D pokemon on Wii U, shake it over Super Smash Brothers, and you have the best freaking console on the market.

BootHammer2027d ago

That's an interesting thought. I wonder why they gave up a year worth of advertising though? Worst part is Nintendo knew early on the consumers were confused on what exactly the Wii U is. I for one would quit stalling and get to work on promoting but we'll see what they do.

SilentNegotiator2027d ago

All of those years of Wii have made Nintendo forget what core gamers want.

jsslifelike2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

I wrote this a while back, but I still feel the same. No-brainer.

"Mass Effect 3 Makes Me Want Star Fox"

mydyingparadiselost2027d ago

I think they'll start advertising through the holidays and after, part of why they're waiting is probably to get wiis off shelves before launching a campaign and having everyone still be confused.

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