How to spend your GTA stimulus package

With this mornings announcement that the GTA stimulus package should hit next week, have you started planning out how you'll spend your money? We fleshed out some of the better purchases in GTA online so that you don't end up wasting your Stimulus package!

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xHeavYx2032d ago

I'll be saving my $$ for future stuff I'm sure they'll release

GarrusVakarian2032d ago

Same here, i have my 10 car garage, my cheetah and my Dinka Akuma which is the fastest thing ive driven on the game. There's not really much more i want to buy....for now at least.

TRD4L1fe2032d ago

you need to get the sultan. best handling car in the game, Got mine and that thing is awesome for quick getaways

hay2031d ago

No love for Faggio? Cruising on a fully modded pink one, priceless.

Elwenil2032d ago

I'll probably just max out a couple cars I own like my Feltzer at this point. I already have all of my unlocked weapons with the mods I want, my deluxe apartment with 10 car garage so I don't know what else I would buy. I think the aircraft are out of the price range of the stimulus, so maybe I could put the rest towards that.

hiddenglitch2032d ago

it's not a matter of how I will spend my money, the real question is "WHEN" I will be spending it

hiddenglitch2032d ago

want to know the best cars in the game? check this out

BallsEye2032d ago

Anyone still playing the multi? Me and all my buds dropped the game just days after the "launch" of this joke of a multiplayer they had. Can't recall how many characters and cash got lost. Shame cause SP is simply amazing.

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