The Fanzone 10-30-13

We talk mostly about the stupidity of getting upset over resolution of games especially on consoles. We also talk a bit about some other recent gaming new and even go into a bit of NBA talk that is sure to drive away all of our listeners.

Note: I called it the warzone at the start and this was a mistake because we were talking about that show right before I started to record. remember that everyone is welcome to come on the show every Wednesday at 10pm EST though you are welcome to come later if your schedule doesn't permit you to be there at the start.

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otherZinc2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

Guys, this is the best show on stfuandplay because you guys talk games. The foreign guy tried to keep you guys on games with some good topics but the host wanted to talk King James.

The show was still good, just that about 10mns or so about something you knew nothing about, basketball.
And I played basketball in college and you had no idea wth you were talking about.

Now, get back to being the best gaming show on