Games Inbox: Wind Waker HD, PS4 and Next Gen debate

Metro - "With the next generation of consoles looming over us, there’s a fair few people piping up saying that they’re not too impressed by the leap in graphical quality of what they’ve seen. That’s fair enough but I think we’ve been in diminishing returns on that front since the PS2 arrived."

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triforce792025d ago

I think wiiu has shown true nextgen graphics so far......

Neonridr2025d ago

Look, up until we saw the PS4 and XB1 reveal people were blown away at what we were seeing with games like GTA V, TLOU, Beyond Two Souls, etc

We know the Wii U can pump out those kind of visuals and then some as we all know the system is in fact more powerful than the 360 and PS3.

Suddenly now though, those kind of graphics are now deemed "inferior" because people have seen what the PS4 can do, meanwhile PC gamers have been enjoying that sort of fidelity and beyond for the past several years.

So if you really want to nitpick, then the PS4 isn't really doing anything that you couldn't find on a good PC machine some years ago..

A great game can overcome graphical shortcomings. A pretty game can still be a garbage game...

PopRocks3592025d ago

"A pretty game can still be a garbage game..."

This. I think Battlefield looks like the same crap as usual and I don't care to do more than borrow a copy of CoD: Ghosts.

The games I want to play look FUN, not pretty. Kingdom Hearts III, FFXV, sure they have nice graphics but I want to play them because they look damn fun. People always make the arguments specs and raw numbers. It's stupid. Graphics don't make a game and specs only offer the potential for better games, not the guarantee.