Gears of War multiplayer vid

A few days ago GameTrailers posted some multiplayer videos of GOW that were removed a few hours later. One of them has now appeared online again on YouTube.

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chappy4462d ago

i really need this game awesome!!!!!!

unleash bass4460d ago

Yes! It's true. I was shopping in Birmingham Nov 4th and there was a 360 promotion going on in the BullRing shopping centre. I signed up and managed to play it.

We played multi-player 3 on 3 and played four/five matches. They went real quick! bugger!

I've got to say though, it was fantastic, graphically as good as we've all seen by now and game-play to match!

getting a chainsaw kill was just awesome, even when i was on the receiving end just graphical bliss.

Can't wait to this on 'LIVE'.

Mikey_Gee4462d ago (Edited 4462d ago )

This game is a CONSOLE SELLER !!

LOVE THE CURB STOMP (or head stomp) at 51 seconds in.

Hmmm, Curb Stomp or Chainsaw ... tuff call !!


THAMMER14462d ago

Of watching vids. I want it real life.

Retard4461d ago

It had a little dark humor in it at least. =)

dork4462d ago

anyone know why they took these down in the first place? my buddy was trying to show me these and he couldnt find them on gametrailers

2tired2day2hate4462d ago

i saved 2 of the videos to show my friend. i could upload them to if you want to see them.

i like the little things in this game like no radar. all the levels i see are pretty flat though. i wonder if there will be any with higher ground like if you could go to the second floor of a building.

PS360PCROCKS4462d ago

Lmao! lol that is so AWESOME! CANNOT WAIT! Haha I love the sound of the chainsaws, god it's so frickin cool, it's like when your in a haunted house and they come on, lol gives you the shivers. I like the end where they both die and the teammate comes up and kills the one and saves his guy, that's hilarious

Marriot VP4462d ago

everything's so crisp and picture perfect. Like I've said the chase camera is fantastic, really immerses you.

DJ4462d ago

It feels a lot more immersive with the fluctuating zoom, and the way the blood splatters the screen and drips is great.

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The story is too old to be commented.