Are The Next-Gen Consoles Already Disappointing?

There’s been ample talk about the forthcoming next-gen console hardware, specifically about how each console will handle launch window titles.

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black0o2029d ago

the ps4 with price tag 399$ is really a win deal

GarrusVakarian2029d ago (Edited 2029d ago )

Given the fact that Killzone Shadow Fall and RYSE are launch titles and console graphics are known to vastly improve in the following few years of a console launch, then no, they aren't disappointing.

I know graphics aren't everything but, given the extra power, the extra features, the social aspect of both consoles, the great 1st party devs on both consoles, the improved controllers....i don't see how anyone could be disappointed.

amiga-man2029d ago

Well one of them certainly is.

MysticStrummer2029d ago

I'm not disappointed by what I've seen so far. The XB1 resolution thing is pretty shocking though, given the titles that are struggling.

VaporCell2029d ago

these kinda articles are disappointing to get approved.

Software_Lover2029d ago

I personally think that no opinion blogs should get approved.

TheFutureIsBlue2029d ago

Yes, these articles are very annoying. This person has no room to talk about this subject. Nobody does until the consoles has been out for at least a year. Sheesh.

Chaostar2029d ago

Only people who let their expectations get out of hand will be disappointed.

VENOMACR12272029d ago

Right cause the PS4 is perfect. By calling it the Xbone you've lost any credibility.

I guess the whole MP3 isn't a disappointment. Both system are almost identical in what they can do (play used games, movies, internet, apps, etc). PS3 hardware, little stronger. From everything I've read, the new X1 controller is awesome. All the games look amazing. X1 has dedicated servers. PS4 and X1 have some great exclusives lined up. I don't think either system has been a disappointment. Maybe a couple areas, but as a whole, no.

Ratty2029d ago

Meh. I don't care at all about the MP3 thing. It's not like I'm going to cancel my PS4 preorder because of that ;p

I wish they'd be a bit more different from each other actually. Then it'd give me a reason to buy both.

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The story is too old to be commented.