Nintendo: We have failed to establish Wii U as a "worthy" Wii successor

President Satoru Iwata said that the Wii U struggled by selling 3.91 million units, that’s below Nintendo’s expectations from global market since the launch. This all shows the Nintendo’s inability to release games and services that prove the Wii U’s uniqueness relative to the original Wii.

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vishmarx2026d ago

finally, you think?
as much as I hate to say it I dont think wii u can redeem itself.
nintendo should just forget about it and hurry up with a wii u2 or sumthn.
unlike the vita, wii u needs to compete with 5 platforms next has little hope.

computeSci2026d ago

But it hasn't even been out a year yet? Give it a chance :-/

shivvy242026d ago

I honestly think they should drop the Wii title in their next home console and make it more competitive against the ps and xb

Concertoine2026d ago (Edited 2026d ago )

I have no doubt the system will redeem itself in termd of games, hell it'll do it by the end of 2014 easy. Its a matter of whether or not it'll br successful that 's still questionable.
But boy am i glad you dont work at nintendo, theyd be losing everything if they made a "wii u 2".
You people need to verse yourselves on gaming history. When a company ditches support for a console they lose tons of money and developers distrust them. Ask any wii u owner, if nintendo up and left they would NOT buy the successor. When it cones out we'll be halfway through this gen and no one will buy it. You people are completely moronic to think that prematurely killing the wii u less than a YEAR after release is what nintendo should do.

No FanS Land2026d ago

it's mostly what happened with dreamcast, the sega saturn came out and was a developer's nightmare and also a logistics one (hard to produce). without many games on the console, the dreamcast came too early to "erase" the saturn mistake, but then the mistrust came in. though sega's marketing had an awkward timing.

My guess is that nintendo knows it must avoid pulling sega's mistake.

Thehyph2026d ago

I'm with you.

I will eventually buy a WiiU, and others will, too, even if they wont admit it or don't know it yet.

You can even get non-"gamers" to grasp the concepts and controls of most of Nintendo's first party games. That means a lot to me. Getting four people together around a television to duke it out or play together is a wonderful thing.

I'm upset that the system is not doing as hot as it could, but I'm glad they're sticking to their guns. The last thing the console market needs is a third console similar to Sony's and Microsoft's offerings.

I guess the haters out there don't want variety.

LonDonE2026d ago

Nintendo fans take notes!!!
This is exactly why i hate when people say Sony phonies or Sony drones! we are far from that for the most part! if we see b.s we call it out, and because Sony is more consumer focused then its rivals they usually give us what we ask for.

This is the nintendo fan base's biggest flaw, just look how many monumental cock ups nintendo has made over the last few generations, never mind years.
And they will never change, why? because of the nintendrones who throw a hissy fit whenever someone criticizes nintendo for their cock ups! its annoying as hell i really love nintendo and Sony and have been gaming over 27 years (am 30 so do the math!) and to see nintendo in their current state is sad,and what makes it worse is to see the fan base and nintendo management dig their heads into the sand and claim nothing is wrong!

Seriously anyone claiming their not is PLAIN DELUSIONAL!
Nintendo has serious problems right now and i wish some times they were more like Sony. Sony have always put the core gamers first and i am grateful for it.

Nintendo on the other hand is clearly more casual gamer focused now,hence all the b.s we have seen!
When will they realise that unless we speak up they will never change, its why i love the Playstation nation even though i usually buy every platform and game on pc too, the community is awesome on PSN! BEYOND EVERYONE! AND GAME ON FOREVER!
Don't take no shit from no corporation, without us the consumers they are NOTHING! and please for the love of god nintendo fans, rally together and stop putting up with mediocrity!

When x1 and Microsoft tried the drm crap, fans spoke up, and Playstation didn't follow suit, which forced Microsoft to change their policies, when Sony made mistakes with ps3,and now this mp3 rubbish Sony fans spoke up, now ps4 seems to be the king of gaming all over again like ps2, now nintendo fans need to speak up and make nintendo change for the better, we as gamers deserve better then what nintendo has been giving us! They are lazy now,and need to show us the core some more love, every generation the core nintendo fan base has been shrinking more and more,the wii sold like mad but it wasn't the core gamers it was casual grannies and women! most played it a few times and then left it in the closet.

And so if you see the nintendo console total sales for the last 3 or so generations you can clearly see the core fan base leaving nintendo consoles! The total system sales for each of their consoles has been diminishing this is a problem which has been going on for a while,and likewise the lack of third party support is another problem which nintendo has failed to rectify over almost 4 generations! this is unacceptable for me as a nintendo fan! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!

I posted this comment on another article, and think its so much more fitting to be here!
Sorry for the double post people, here i think more nintendo fans will see it.

N4g_null2026d ago

Nope londone this is not a nintendo fan problem... this is a fringe fan problem. Nintendo fans ate up mario kart wii, galaxy, nmbwii, resort, zelda, dkc, etc etc.... then they gave us games to shut up none gamers and have them join in.

these number in the 10s of millions and some franchises are roughly half the amount of your system of choice entire install base.

Nintendo simply pulled a ps3 and did not expect the true jump to hd to be a problem. Also putting online that is functional in the wii sports line is easier said than done. Yet now that it is done you can see what an hd wiiu is going to do.... just wait for those golf fans to see the putter on screen by there feet as they adjust with the wii mote. Oh it will sell like crack hot cakes once the line up of old rehashes enter the square.

The question you have to ask is, can sony afford for the ps4 to become the next vita? So far I count one gamei want to play on it and it hasn't even been announced yet! Yet we all know its coming....

what im wondering is when ms and sony can truly compete head on with nintendo game play for game play... graphicly the wiiu can hang... mario3d is looking like toy story now and mariokart pales any toon racer from sony. Little big planet isnt even making a game to compete with galaxy.

so until ms and sony matches nintendo ip we won't see any real nintendo fan leaving... just some fringe fans that like the popular console at the time... its no biggie. They always come back to the quality games.

if finishing games that sold for $200 and out sold the ps3 during the holidays and wrapping up 5 are so 5-10 million sellers potentially is putting your head in the sand then I have to ask what did killzone sell? Why isnt grand turismo ready? Project cars will be ready why not a big sony exclusive.? Why are their no games for the vita? Where is their game to sell the new ps eye2? Where are the action arcade games sony! Hey but I wont bother complaining like millions of gamers because im not addicted to none of there game play.

Sony doesn't want me as a customer they want people who eat and live in hype cover clothings.... or ethier they have payed online pr groups for fans lol. Who knows? Yet it doesn't matter the habit is coming back.

EliteGameKnight2025d ago


Can't we just agree that all of the fandoms have really stupidly biased members. I've seen some Sony fans that fit the stereotypical Nintendo fan qualities, and the same vice versa. There really isn't a distinct feature. It's just blind chauvinism

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BX812026d ago

I disagree, it needs a new Zelda, dk, metroid and Mario kart. It'll be fine.

Dehnus2026d ago

Sssht, they are on the "hate Nintendo" bandwagon. No matter what you say they'll be hating it.

kB02026d ago

I dont understand why Nintendo needs to play it safe all the time and rehash the same games?

I would love if Nintendo introduced a new game...they are in dier need of a good NINTENDO Jrpg or RPG similar to Mario All stars

I doubt the Wii.U will be gone, but it needs a price drop if it ever wants to compete with current gen consoles.

I don't care what any1 says, that LCD controller does not justify it's price.

Wii.U need to have a standard price of 200$ for the 8 GB model and 250$ for 32 GB with GAme. No more, but less is ok:)

BX812026d ago

I'm not saying that's all they need to do but those games alone will stabilize the wii u sales wise. They need to get more systems out so devs will support it. Again I'm no insider, just my 2 cents.

kB02026d ago

I think the biggest blow to nintendo would be that they told users that they have great 3rd party support, now everyone is backing away from Nintendo. Even Aliens:Colonial was canceled and that game was complete...the devs didn't even want to risk it on the console, and they were in dier need of sales.

It lost 3rd party, and Nintendo Cannot possibly expect to keep living on just it's own games.

I also do not like that they are making the games easy. I know you can still play it like it's meant to be, but I mean why give the option? Are kids dumber or less capable now? I 100% Donkey kong country and beat contra, new super mario world special stages when I was a kid...

I find it insulting to give the kid an option to skip.

Anyways, NIntendo needs serious damage control, This christmas will be make or break for them.

Currently I'm a PS4, Vita, 3Ds owner (ofc and PC). I'm hoping to be a Wii.U adopter as well, but Nintendo is making it very hard. Other than pikman and the new mario game I don't have anything to make me want to start a brand new console purchase, which requires commitment and a lot of money (new controllers, games, etc).

Nintendo seal of approval needs to stop being a whore and mean something again!

BX812025d ago

Lmao. Nin seal of approval being a whore. I miss the old double stacking cartridges to get a Nintendo game to work.

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come_bom2026d ago (Edited 2026d ago )

Nintendo needs new "big" exclusives... just Mario's and Zelda's doesn't cut it anymore.

BTW... Nintendo should change the WiiU GUI, it looks like it's made for little kids. It's horrible. One other thing they could do is implement something like PSN+ for online services.

BosSSyndrome2026d ago

Mario and Zelda dont cut it? i suppose you would know considering all those big mario and zelda games they havent released for it yet.

CAB1802theWiiUdefend2026d ago

Why do you think nintendo should build another console? they don't. Wait till all the Wii U games comes out and if the Wii U still isn't selling, THEN IT REALLY IS DOOMED!

mrbojingles2026d ago

Geez, at least let them do a system redesign to cut costs before you write it off. Watch as it recovers decently this holiday and next year to have respectable, though not Wii level, sales.

ritsuka6662026d ago

The anti-Nintendo propaganda here in N4G is making me sick.SHM.

badz1492026d ago

pfft...what does Iwata know about failure? according to Ninty fans here, the Wii U is not a failure. Go home Iwata, you're drunk! /s

Chrischi19882026d ago (Edited 2026d ago )

I dont think so. Wii U didnt offer anything special to current gen to date, but this will change, as soon as people need a Next Gen console, to play something new. PS4 will compete against PS3 and Xbox360 just as much and will struggle because of it, almost as much, I say almost, because pre orders are high, but after that I do not see much of a difference. There will be almost no new worthy to buy games during the first year of the console, PS4 doesnt have so many launch titles and some of the best, like Battlefield or CoD are on the old plattforms as well, so hardly system sellers. Killzone is 1 game that looks fantastic, but thats a single game. With Wii U people always say, one game wont sell the system, yeah, but same goes for the other plattforms.

Nintendo has, during the PS4 and Xbox One draught, in the first half year after release, the big guns out, like Mario Kart or X, which will probably make more people buy the Wii U during that time, then a PS4, if it doesnt offer anything new, after its launchtitles. To think, that PS4 wont have a problem to sell system, if it only gets multiplatts, which the PS3 gets, is a naive thing to do.

BullyMangler2026d ago

regardless of sales . . it is a fact that any game on the wiiU is more IMMERSIVE and FUNNER experience over any sony or microsoft machine because of the game-pad. Just look what happened with the Deus Ex human Revolution and the new Splintercell. both of these games proved to be superior versions on the wiiU because of the GAME-PAD .

Nintendo always teaching.

Xof2025d ago

Funny, I feel like the WiiU is a better console one year into its life than the Wii was in its third year.

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dieforgame2026d ago

More explanations, great. I'd love to be able to run a company and explain its ineptitude without taking any action long before to make sure it doesn't happen. Like maybe not sitting on their asses for two damn years doing absolutely nothing before it even launched. Everytime Iwata speaks it's just all the more painful and pathetic.

This man and his management have turned Nintendo from legend into laughingstock. But I suppose that's the danger of promoting a game designer to the CEO of a multi-billion dollar company.

deafdani2026d ago

Iwata has made several billion dollars for Nintendowith the Wii, the DS, and now the 3DS.

You really don't know what you're talking about.

mii-gamer2026d ago

Confirmation bias - they only see what fits their belief and agenda - ignoring all other facts. It is common here.

Concertoine2026d ago (Edited 2026d ago )

I dont care how much money he's made.
I look at iwata from the perspective of a GAMER not a shareholder. And as a gamer i think he needs to be replaced soon. He is on the right track buying bayonetta 2, SMT x FE, that 3 game deal with sega, but he needs to buy more exclusives like in the gamecube era.
That and he is not doing a good job advertising the system or explaining it. It is genuinely difficult to see where iwata's priorities lay because he is performing poorly on just about every level with the wii u.
Im not ignoring facts, im looking at the FACT that we havent seen star fox or f zero in a decade but we now have 3 mario platformers on the wii u in a year, the FACT that the wii u sorely lacks support, the FACT that the system is very poorly advertised.

dredgewalker2026d ago

I agree with Concertoine, also Nintendo needs to get rid of region locking.

Dgander2026d ago

@Concertoine I will give you a up vote because constructive criticism is good and i agree with what you just typed despite me not having a problem with the mario games (im a mario fan obviously) but mii-gamer is also right that this site is full of Nintendo biased propaganda. Sony, EA, Microsoft and Activision rehash the same games all the time and no one here complains about that. In most cases its basically the same game unlike Nintendo where most Mario games have different gameplay elements.

Chrischi19882026d ago

Lol at Concertoine^^

It is unbelievable, how people say that with the Mario games, even though 2d mario and 3d mario are completely different, but when Ubi releases Assassins Creed yearly, EA releases Need for Speed yearly, Activision releases CoD yearly, all of which people would call the best games nowadays, nobody says, we have tooo much, please stop. But if a Mario game gets an Add-On, it will be counted as a new game. If it has Mario in it, it is always the same, right? This is just wrong.

Iwata needs to go^^ He didnt manage that well, during the Wii Us first year, but the 3DS sells well, at the same time, better than anything else. It is not a thing of the past, that the 3DS sells well, it still sells more than 100k units per week in Japan alone.

Since you hate Nintendo so much and dont want it to succeed and think Iwata is the problem, why dont you just let him destroy the company, I personally think, he will do the trick, just like with the 3DS. People call the PS4 a success, even though, nobody really played it till now, nobody owns one, nobody knows, what games will follow and more importantly, when they will follow.

You must be pretty naive to think, that PS4 will sell millions, after release, if they keep their launch lineup for more than 8 month, with just about 5 new titles during that time.

Concertoine2026d ago

Look, i don't care how different they are. The gamecube has ONE mario game in 5 years on the market, Sunshine. Theyve developed a brand reliance on mario, and im sick of it. Also, please link me to the comment in which i say AC, COD or the other annual releases get a free pass. I'm just as sick of them.
Also NSLU is being sold in its own box, and its just as long as the original game. Its a new game to me. Nintendo put effort into it that couldve easily been doing something more people actually wanted.
And Iwata is a good CEO buisiness-wise, the most successful in the industry outside of the wii u. But he's not working his magic to get the wii u off the ground. As soon as he gets things smoothed out he needs to prepare a replacement that can keep the wii u successful.
Please. I don't hate nintendo. I hate to see nintendo suffer.

Dgander2026d ago

@Concertoine Fair enough but where are the constructive criticism arguments about Sony, EA, Microsoft and Activision doing the exact same thing with their franchises?Its ok to have three Uncharted games or three Halo games on one system that are the EXACT SAME GAME but its not ok for Nintendo to have different gameplay elements in theirs? Everyone know this site is biased its nothing new.

clouds52026d ago

Yeah they are doing great financially. Their latest products have been great successes even though the 3ds struggeled in its first year (not counting the wii u yet, you should never judge a console on its launch year, see PS3). And I guess that is Iwatas job.

But frankly I don't care about that. I don't give a damn about wether they have money or not. They should make great games for their WiiU - that is all I care about (and I love that system).

And for me personally it looks good. Third party support is not really that important for me because I have a gaming PC. But if they release a WiiU version I will get it, because i prefer the gameplay with the 2nd screen.

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Concertoine2026d ago (Edited 2026d ago )

I doubt they were doing nothing, they just underestimated development. Were now seeing all the 1st party stuff coming.
Nintendo could use new leadership, but i do think the wii u is an excellent console and iwata should maintain a lesser role, seeing the money he's raked in during his reign.

Dunban672026d ago

They did get lazy sometime during the Wii's "hay day"- They supported the Wii U very little the last few years and many people assumed they were busy getting the next gen console and next gen games ready to go- Once the Wii u launched and it became evident that they did not have many games or the right games, it really makes one wonder what the heck they have been doing.

Once the started taking losses they must have decided to launch the Wii u "on the cheap". It has been obvious since Jan/Feb 2013 that their "wii U strategy" was not working- yet they said be patient and they were sticking w their strategy. Now that we are 1 year after launch it is even more obvious the strategy is failing horribly.

What to do Nintendo?? Well Iwata acknowledges they have failed so far re the Wii U but suggest they remain committed TO THE SAME STRATEGY that has got them in this horrible place to begin with-

I think either Iwata and/or the BOD are committed to avoiding or minimizing quarterly loses at the expense of anything else. They can afford to lose the money (diff than reporting losses) on the Wii U but I am not sure they have nearly as much capital w gamers anymore- They are really hurting their reputation among all but a vocal minority of their long time fans and they are becoming irrelevant among the general populace in the marketplace

All of us who bought a wii u as an only console have suffered through the long software drought and if their strategy does not change there will be much worse software droughts in the future- Yes we have some big name games coming next year but even if all of them including Zelda are released in 2014 (when in 2014???) there still are not many games announced - 3rd parties will do little to nothing

They are going to have to either get behind the Wii U or let it go- if they let it go it will be very bad for their reputation but if they let it die a slow death like they have so far it may be just as bad

GarrusVakarian2026d ago

It takes balls to admit that you have done something wrong, especially in this industry. Kudos.

Agent_00_Revan2026d ago

Admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery.

Dunban672026d ago

But if you keep admitting the same problem and do nothing about it, it makes you look incompetent

It s like acknowledging and apologizing for stealing something from someone but not offering to return it- then doing it again and again and again

rustyspoon802026d ago

Simple solution that most have been saying from the start, rename the console Wii-2.
Most people still think it's a add-on for the wii.

KingOdin892026d ago

I agree, I think re-branding it would be smart. Also, maybe even a new design that differentiates itself from the Wii because they don't look a whole lot different.

I love my Wii U, but like you said, most people probably think it's just an add on.

Dgander2026d ago

DS dont look that different from the 3DS and i remember people saying the same thing when it launched. Look at it now its dominating. Only thing Nintendo needs to do is open/ buy more studios to make games in mass production and advertise the GAMES just like they did with the 3DS. They also need to make at least one or two exclusives with M rating if they want to capture the 12 - 21 year old shooter fans and they need to make it themselves not rely on lazy crappy third parties. They said they cater to everyone right?

truechainz2026d ago

If they were gonna do that it should have been early this year. Re-branding now is gonna cause more confusion.

KingOdin892026d ago (Edited 2026d ago )

Yeah, that's a good point. I think they may have been trying to ride the success of the Wii, at least when choosing a name. If they're stuck with Wii U as a name, then possibly do a subtle re-branding like Sony did when they released the PS3 Slim; same name, new logo, and new console design.

Edit: Ultimately, I think it'll come down to games in the end.

Just my two cents anyways.

stuna12026d ago

Not only that, but wouldn't that affect the games that have come out before the rebranding? Every game that came out before the rebranding would all have to be renamed, or there would be even more confusion.

GaoomDerek2026d ago

Nintendo Wii's like buying a great HDTV, getting the cable hooked up, but only having channels that play Teletubies, Dora, and Disney movies. Tell me that's not a niche market.

KingOdin892026d ago

Lol, while I like a lot of Nintendo's franchises, this had me cracking up. Mainly the teletubies remark. Hahaha