Call of Duty: Ghosts - Next Gen Preview | GameTrailers

GT - "Can the latest Call of Duty rise above the competition? Using existing footage, we take a deeper look at the game’s modes and more."

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Pintheshadows2026d ago

It worries me that next gen Call of Duty looks like what it should have done this gen.

Seriously unimpressive.

kazuma9992026d ago

Thats why everyone should wait till their next game :O which I hope improves a lot. But then again im also getting this day one because I needz a variety of games to play.

kazuma9992026d ago

Also seems like they nerfed thermal lol in mw3 i got a 35 kill streak with it XD and it was godly.

VaporCell2026d ago

looks seriously underwhelming. More like current-gen Preview -.-

LeeR2022d ago

This is the current-gen preview. Nice way to troll the game and next-gen consoles for no reason. Get it together N4G.