Microsoft offers full disclosure amid fears over Kinect surveillance

In what could be a crucial clarification amid growing paranoia and distrust over Microsoft's privacy policies, the corporation explained that this unique number - even if passed onto government officials - could not be retroactively used to build an image of the user's face.

With this clarification, Microsoft is promising that it is not technically possible for security agencies and state officials to access images of players.

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Retroman2025d ago

MS its too later for recovery!!

Septic2025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

My days...its so frustrating reading the posts from you guys some times.

So MS offers full disclosure its damage control. If they don't, its confirmation that something sinister is going on with their surveillance.

I've noticed that this remedial hive-mind mentality pervades a lot of the 'core' gaming community.

Maybe its because the most vocal members of the community are the more juvenile ones that don't actually understand how the world works or maybe the gaming community is inherently toxic in the way that it deals with issues such as this.

It has to be said though, judging from the sentiments of many on here, there are lot of people that are supremely naive when it comes to their digital identity and how private it really is in this day and age.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2025d ago

And it begins... the first sheep post to try to downplay something good MS does.

Oh no, they just gave out full disclosure. Damage Control.

Sony has a tweet that says they talked to some Devs and will bring back MP3 playing and DNLA... They listen to us and love us! They really do! Let's bust out some lube!

despair2025d ago


Why bother arguing, some people will always be like that and nothing you do or say can change their minds.

Dread2025d ago

yea every time they explain how things work its damage control


Blaze9292025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

i just find it funny how people complaining about privacy...are on the internet. Now thats just funny.

vallencer2025d ago

What's even funnier is I'm sure most of them own a smart phone. Your privacy is gone immediately when you bought one if those.

THamm2025d ago

Privacy for one but Israeli tech watching your living room at any time is another...

ravinash2025d ago


probably the same people who feel they have to share their entire lives with everyone on facebook.
Trust me, the NSA are not interested in you past 20 selfies you sent in the last 24 hours.

CoLD FiRE2025d ago

@THamm The new Kinect is completely developed in-house by Microsoft.

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christocolus2025d ago

well this is nothing new..dont see this bein an issue at all.looking forward to nov 22.

SlyFamous022025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

Well, enjoy being spied on and having your privacy revoked. What is preventing someone from hacking the kinect?

vallencer2025d ago

What's to stop someone from hacking your iPhone, or galaxy s4 or hell any smart phone? It's technology and sad to say but it comes with a price because of people who don't care about doing the wrong thing. Also someone could easily hack your computer and get all your information. Take off your tin foil hat.

despair2025d ago

Yea, talking about tech you don't understand and mistaking tv show "hacking" (everything is hackable with a few keystrokes) with real life just makes you look like an idiot.

You keep the illusion of privacy on the internet while mocking people about losing theirs. I for one am very happy ms disclosed everything and it doesn't really change what we already knew.

SlyFamous022025d ago

What you already knew? now who made him self look like an idiot but I guess its true what they say, ignorance is bliss.

Pancit_Canton2025d ago


This is getting way too sad.

It's like they have to explained things a lot of times to get clarification.

Explanation on top of Explanation. Explainception.

Septic2025d ago

And yet, people don't seen to understand.
"It's like they have to explained things a lot of times to get clarification. "

That says more about the people who don't get it than Microsoft to be honest.

halfblackcanadian2025d ago

Its a bog deal because its Xbox related. Any other device, any other company, nobody would give a shit.
I realize the forums make up a small number of actual target audience, but this whole console war thing has gotten severely out of hand.

Dread2025d ago

specially the hate on MS.

ExPresident2025d ago

They reap what they sow. They tried to shaft the consumer with initial Xbox One plans and when consumers revolted they back peddled and did their 180. They are getting exactly what they deserve.

2cents2025d ago

Yeah Expresident.

They get shit for doing the right thing after having made a mistake.

Your logic is seriously twisted.

Do onto other as you expect them to do onto you.

How would you feel if you made a mistake, only to apologise and change your ways but to still be victimised for a past act that you thought of doing but never did? What a horrible world that would be.

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