10 horror games that don't rely on jump scares

GR writes: For many, jump scares feel like the lowest form of fright. B-movie slashers, stupid Flash animations, and unsubtle horror games all tend to resort to the same cheap tactic: luring you into a false sense of security with a lengthy silent segment, before throwing a big freaky monster at you and splitting your ears with a loud noise. Some gamers get a kick out of these kinds of startling moments; others find them stressful, tedious, or laughably dumb. There's a distinct difference between being shocked and being scared, and far too many games rely on the former.

There's something to be said for a horror experience that can deeply unsettle you, without the need for a cheap "OOGA BOOGA" moment every 15 minutes. Maybe the plot is profoundly disturbing; maybe the foreboding ambience instills in you an impending, nameless dread. The following games are all undoubtedly scary in varying degrees, but in ways you're not typically used to. Judge your fortitude against their scares correspondingly, then try them if you dare.

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