'Kinect will change how humans relate to technology,' says Xbox camera chief

This time, though, Evans, says, Kinect will tempt even gamers who have been welded to joypads for decades to try “full body gaming” - by working alongside normal game controls.

“This is not gesture detection. It’s full analogue mastery – where games can see subtle movements such as a twist of the wrist or a lean in the spine, the type of precision that allows a gamer to really perfect their skills to master the game,” says Evans.

“This precision also enables Kinect to see human movement while holding a controller. Lean into a turn or raise the controller to bring up your shield – all from the sofa with your fingers never leaving the controller. This capability can enhance a hardcore game in ways that have never been possible.”

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GarrusVakarian2025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

"Evans, says, Kinect will tempt even gamers who have been welded to joypads for decades to try “full body gaming”"

Sue, ill try it, no harm in trying. But i can 99.99% guarantee you that ill just go straight back to gaming exclusively with a controller. I tried Kinect for 360, it was fun for a short while but the tech was too limited, games had pre set linear paths and all you did was move your hands.
If Kinect 2 is more advanced then i would like to see games that let you do things that you can do with a controller with the same amount of ease as the controller allows. I bet we will see voice commands for games being used a lot more than actual basic functions in videogames such as walking/running/jumping/lookin g around, Kinect 2 could never do those things as effortlessly as if you were sitting/laying down with a controller in your hands. But i'd love to be proven would give me a reason to actually plug the thing in once i buy an X1.

Blackdeath_6632025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

kinect is nice piece of kit why the hell MS is trying to force it into gaming instead of using it in other applications is beyond me. the people who made most use out of the previous kinect were the guys who hacked it and used it to make robots and yet instead of using it to improve technology MS decides to limit it to gaming the one area it is least productive and least appreciated.

nukeitall2025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

Kinect for gaming is one of the best ideas out there.

I'm so excited for Kinect One:

“This is not gesture detection. It’s full analogue mastery – where games can see subtle movements such as a twist of the wrist or a lean in the spine, the type of precision that allows a gamer to really perfect their skills to master the game,” says Evans. "

It's insane that MS now knows the body and the way it works, not just figuring out the gestures you are doing. It goes beyond skeletal tracking, and understand momentum, weight placement, body twsits and so on.

I can't really think of many other companies that have the expertise to do this sort of thing, so it is rather amazing it is happening.

The noise cancellation in Kinect One is also amazing. Check out this video where Kinect filters out the loud noise from your TV to arrive at your voice commands. I couldn't even hear the voice commands and Kinect somehow filtered it all out:

"In games, you’ll be able to “talk” to characters - although don’t expect to be thrown into an interactive film or novel, quite yet. Scriptwriters and computer processors can’t keep up with the demands of “real” conversations."

Computer processor canæt do it? No problem, MS has massive cloud called Azure at your service. It is one of the largest, if not the largest cloud in the world.

Harness Azure, and give me a fully talking Xbox One!

amiga-man2025d ago

Microsoft wants this to be true the reality is it's no more than a gimmick it might interest some and even find a niche but will be no more than that.

It does have great potential for M$ to make money from it's users, which is why M$ are so keen for us to accept this nonsense.

BallsEye2025d ago

I disagree. Kinect + controller is the way to go for hardcore gaming. Best example is Battlefield 4 for xbox one. Unfortunately the recently compared version was incomplete, over 2 months old so kinect functionality was not in that build, but as you can see here:

the final build will have it. Simply calling medic or need ammo or anything else, will let you focus on not dying instead of going through menus (circle menu in bf4) to give the command.
Kinect also lets you gently lean from behind the corners. You character in game will lean just as much as you lean with your body, so you can do it just a little bit to stick out your eyes to see whats behind, or make a full lean and spray some bullets.
Best thing of all is head tracking. No need to stop and turn around to check your surroundings while running to tha choppa! No need to rotate your full body and move the gun to check what's going on when sniping! This will change the way BF4 is played!

It will work just like here in this arma video, check it out! This functionality is exclusive to Xbox One and PC (only using Kinect2 Cam available later).

GarrusVakarian2025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

You know, i never thought about Kinect + controller gaming, i suppose there could be some benefits there. But again, is it enough benefit to justify the purchase? Is it quicker/ more convenient than just pressing a button? If there are features that are ONLY accessed by Kinect (like voice commands) that can't be done with the controller then im all for it.

I have to add though....can't you just look at a medic/assault class player and press the back/select button to ask for ammo or a medkit? That's the way it was on Bad Company 2....

BallsEye2025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )


Yes you can look at medic and press a button but then you'll end up running around looking for one. With Kinect you can just say Medic or Need healing and voila. If you wan't commands that weren't in game for the controller you can take a look at skyrim. With commands you could sort items by weight, value etc etc. Also you could say any shout at any given time and you could equip weapons/magic and so on. With controller you were limited to only 2 hotkeys.

BTW wow with the disagrees. Typical, anything positive about XO = disagree. If headtracking in bf4 would be available on ps4, you'd praise the crap out of it. You can't deny it adds new depth to the game and it is not a gimmick.

mcstorm2025d ago


I agree. The issue with users idea of Kinect is Kinect 1.0 limits. Microsoft did mess up when they showed us Project Natal as Kinect 1.0 was not as advanced as project natal but some developers did have interesting ways od using the Kinect 1.0 tech like tiger woods, FIFA 13, Forza 4 and Horizon, Halo CEA, Kinect sports and fable Journey which are a few I can think of off the top of my head.

Now given that Kinect 2.0 is very close to project Natal it should be interesting to see what can be done with Kinect 2.0 for games with and without controller.

Anon19742025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

I can't help feel this guy is fooling himself, or trying to fool us. Kinect came out 3 years ago and was a hit, for awhile. Sure it had some fun dance games but did it "change the way humans relate to technology"? Not even close.

Kinect 2 might be an improvement over the original but it's no revolution. For people to embrace a technology it has to be something they want or something that is a vast improvement over what they're using now. The "want" for Kinect dried up after the first year it was released. It certainly isn't a huge leap over traditional controls. As for it's ability to navigate menus via voice and gesture, that's nothing that hasn't been done with traditional cameras before and we aren't all controlling our PC's with our webcams.

jmc88882025d ago

That's the thing. They've been talking about Kinect since what 2008 E3?

Thus they've had over 5 years to showcase WHAT Kinect does. Also now, like back in 2008, they can showcase what is coming. Thus if anything good was using it, but coming out in 2015 or 2016, they could already tantalize us with it.

As some point promise and potential need to be realized or it withers away.

Then also consider that all forms of motion gaming are on a major decline. It was a fad, that will remain as a niche, but nothing more than that.

...and again, the most widely implemented features of Kinect...voice commands, don't even need Kinect/PSEye in order to pull off.

jmc88882025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

Voice commands are possible with the PS4, both in UI and games...without the need for the hella expensive Kinect2 peripheral.

Which is what people that ask questions have known for a long, long time.

That question...Shouldn't any microphone be a sufficient input for voice controls?

The answer is OBVIOUSLY...YES.

There will ALWAYS be latency in a motion controlled game. It simply is an indisputable FACT that if you have two games with similar action...let say swinging a sword.

You can hit a button and it happens...or you can take the time to actually make the swinging motion.

This vast difference in time is magnified when you consider in these games you have to chain similar actions together.

Thus a controller will always be faster, tighter, and more responsive. As well as mentally easier.

Deltaohio2025d ago

Having the hardware to technically do something does not mean both experiences will be the same.

rainslacker2025d ago

Dunno if sword games are the best example. Motion control actually makes some of these types of games better. Full on hack and slash can be tiring. I can't imagine playing GOW for several hours waving my arms around, but for a more tactical sword fighting game, being able to control exactly where the sword is to block, parry, or thrust is rather enticing.

Bowling is rather fun with motion controls as well, although the lack of an approach floor makes an actual lead up rather hard. But being able to control the speed, angle and rotation of the ball is much more precise with motion control. Same goes for golf games. Being able to swing like a real golf club, as opposed to just pressing buttons to control power/backswing/etc works really well.

Moral of the comment, motion control isn't bad, it just isn't meant for every game. I think MS knows this, devs certainly know it, and most gamers know this as well. Most of the biggest benefits people seem to tout for Kinect 2.0 so far seem more like voice control than motion control.

Deltaohio2025d ago

It's more of an addition to the controller. Devs will use the voice command a lot more then gesture controls. I never had a kinect but I have played End War which is a game that let's you use your voice to control an RTS style game. The idea was GREAT but the only problem was reliability and the way they structured the commands. If you played that game I think the idea of vice commands can easily change the way we play. I see it as more options. I could care less about gestures at lest until I see something worth while.

rainslacker2025d ago

I remember when Sony showed off the Move controller for the first time at an E3. They were talking about the navigation controller, and stated how while motion control is good for some things, you still needed a way to move around instinctively and more naturally. They said that the navigation controller provided that, and realistically they were right. The analog stick is just very natural to doing such a thing.

Doing navigation in open space means moving around a lot more than is comfortable for long gaming sessions. Notice how most Kinect games are either static or on rails? Motion controls often limit game play, and that's why it's only useful for certain types of games.

I think one of the more impressive demonstrations of the new Kinect(where actual motion was involved and not just voice commands) was in Kinect Sports for the water racing game. You could turn your hand/wrist just like you would on a real wake rider and it would control the acceleration.

Only bad part about that demo was the lag between what the player did, and what happened on screen...namely turning into the turns wasn't reflected immediately like in real life.

Now, here's the kicker. Just holding your hands up in open space with nothing to rest them on like you would in say a car or a wave rider is rather tiring. Anyone that has ever been in marching band, or the military has had to do exercises where all they did was stand there with their hands out to the side or in front of them, often holding something heavy. It's tiring, but builds strength required to do such things for prolonged periods of time.

Anyhow, it's why solutions like this again limit what kinds of games will use motion controls to not being implemented for hardcore games exclusively.

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MegaRay2025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

Haha yeah right. Like the WiiU tablet

FanboyKilla2025d ago

LOL Im using that wii u pad right now.

Knushwood Butt2025d ago

my body is ready to relate to kinect

MegaRay2025d ago

To each his own... body I guess

DeadRabbits2025d ago

Yeap, makes people more suspicious of technology!

wynams2025d ago

not in this house it wont

TheEnigma3132025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

No matter what it is, I believe we will always need something tangible to fully be immersed in a game. That camera alone won't do it. No harm in trying though.

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