Infinity Ward Wants COD Exclusively, 3rd-person COD Coming?

Word has begun spreading around, originating from Next-Gen.Biz, about Infinity Ward potentially looking to secure exclusive development of the Call of Duty franchise. As many COD fans should know, the games were originally spearheaded by the gang at Infinity Ward, as the first two games were developed by the team. Following COD2, Treyarch took the responsibilities of COD3, in addition to a few spin-offs, while Infinity Ward began work on Call of Duty 4.

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jadenkorri3830d ago

as long as IW does ti ti should be great

red_ring_of_death3830d ago

might give socom a run for the money

Kleptic3830d ago

as of right now...cod 4 already did...

if confrontation ends up being great, then we will see...but I am not getting too excited for it yet...the early screens did not look very promising...liked the originals though...

RealTimeWeaponChange3829d ago

lmao. a run for SOCOM'S money? SOCOM sucks. SOCOM is trying too hard to be GRAW, and failing miserably. plus, the game just looks like ass. COD4 rapes SOCOM. If anything, a 3rd person COD would compete with GRAW, stupid fanboy.

And this is a great idea for Infinity Ward. With a great cover system, it could be the next COD4 in terms of greatness.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3829d ago

SOCOM's last good game was 2.

Nevers3830d ago

I love 3rd Person Perspective; but IF it's modern day and IF it's 3rdPerson, THEN isn't it just basically SOCOM?

Panthers3830d ago

Well, if you keep up with Socom, then you will know all of the little things that make Socom great. This game would not be any Socom, especially if Respawn is the "main" way to play.

ATLRoAcH3829d ago

...they take a lesson from MGS4. Have it to where you can swap between first and third person. That would be awesome.

Nevers3829d ago

...only what my friends who were really really into it tell me. No respawns, eh? Hmmm. Cool thanks for the info.

mistertwoturbo3830d ago

3rd Person COD? If anybody can pull it off, it's Infinity Ward.

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The story is too old to be commented.