Biohacker Implants Computer Chip in His Own Arm

When you're an avid gamer, you play games that take place in all kinds of different worlds. Steampunk, fantasy, medieval, the far future and more. So, a lot of the times you wish you could be a wandering elf in the woodlands, a brave knight defending the castle or a half human/half cyborg super cop. Well, Biohacker, Tim Cannon, decided to take that last mention to the next level and actually implant this computer chip in his arm – without any anesthetic.

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GarrusVakarian2028d ago

Without any anaesthetic? 0.0

Next thing you know he will be donning a long coat, have a smooth/gruff voice and have cool shades built into his eye sockets.

Heisenburger2028d ago

Lol played over a montage of him doing it to himself.


RamsesNum12028d ago

If it had any sort of like advantageous ability, I'd think about it for a bit. For the sake of checking my body temperature? I'll stick to a thermometer.

AgentFlex2028d ago

well if it can be make zoom in like a camera or basically feel like an android id do it haha

RamsesNum12028d ago

Get him near some radioactive chemicals, watch his hand evolve into something completely different.

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