Minecraft servers 1.7.2 problems after update

Product-Reviews writes: If you are a keen Minecraft player, there is no doubt that you would have been glued to the game this week following on from the release of the Minecraft 1.7.1 update. Now, we can tell you that the Minecraft servers 1.7.2 are live as well following a swift update, but some users are having some issues due to incompatibility with other users who have not yet updated.

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danswayuk2033d ago

Looking forward to this update.

tr00p3r2033d ago

The update is already out, but no doubt that there will be another one next week.. given the rate that we keep seeing.

tr00p3r2033d ago

I just hope that we see the PS4 version catch up with PC!

danswayuk2033d ago

This game will always be better on PC.

ErryK2032d ago

Don't be so condescending, the PS4 is practically a PC.

mixelon2032d ago

Definitely true in the case of Minecraft. The consoles wont keep up and new stuff will always likely trickle down to them slowly.

The console versions are still great though.

Convas2032d ago

Yeah. Good luck with that.

Minecraft on PC is an entirely different beast in comparion to it's console and mobile brethren.

hazelamy2032d ago

i'm waiting for my favourite mod, Sim-U-Kraft, to be updated before i update my Minecraft.