Windows XP Service Pack 3 Download Links

Matt Butrovich of InfoAddict writes "... recently, legitimate file sites have begun hosting the file, allowing anyone that's OCD about their Windows Updates to get a hold of the Service Pack a bit early. In an effort to make it easier for businesses and students to get their hands on SP3 without resorting to BitTorrent, we'll be compiling a list of mirrors here."

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Kakkoii3883d ago

I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND everyone update to SP3. It merely improves your computers performance. (more FPS ftw..) And more security holes patched.

pharmd3883d ago

anyone else do it? i'd love to get some feedback before doin it

vegnadragon3883d ago

I just installed and it seems faster.

liquid03883d ago

downloaded it now to try it

joydestroy3883d ago

sweet. i'll be sure to grab it up when i get home.

ThaGeNeCySt3883d ago

it won't install for me...internal error :(

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The story is too old to be commented.