What We Hate About Gaming: Fanboys

This week, Gaming Verdict explains why fanboys are reducing the game industry and why they must be stopped. At all costs.

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Kaz Hirai4773d ago

Shame on you, SWINE! At least my Sony Soldiers know how to behave!

50 days until Judgment Day, Nazisoft!


ben hates you4772d ago

the open zone i will say Fúck you!

mikeslemonade4772d ago

I remember pre-xbox when games were fun. All these xbox fanboys ruin everything.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 14772d ago (Edited 4772d ago )

He likes to PM everyone when he don't get his way!!! ;-D
Same to you to!!! SEE??? How he talks??? Need i say more!!! ;-D

+Like Micro$oft there RUINING Gaming!!!

toughNAME4773d ago (Edited 4773d ago )

am I allowed to use the F word in an article like this?

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Shortstop4772d ago

I haven't read the article, but based on the heading, it sounds like another "holier than thou" type article. I don't see at all how fanboys have any real impact on the industry other than posting back and forth on sites like N4G. I mean, how can you put a tangible negative value on that?

Plus honestly, they routinely point out flaws in the competition, which should in turn make the companies better to satisfy their fans. Competition is good, and fanboys, while annoying sometimes, aren't really a negative.

The only negative of fanboyism is getting annoyed by them... but that's all.

HuntTheWumpus4772d ago


First you say they have no impact on the industry and then you go on to say that fanboys point out flaws of the other system which should in turn make the companies better.


What I want to know is what kind of prize does the winning side get when whichever system wins? The amount of time devoted by some of the people at least here you would think they get a check for a million dollars.

Oh well, fanboys provide some good comedy and it's something you can point at and say.. "ewww, you don't want to end up like that". haha

kingme714772d ago

Man, I loved Hunt the Wumpus!!!

Long live the Wumpus

Shortstop4772d ago

Basically I was just saying if they do have an impact, I don't see how it would be a negative one.

gtgcoolkid4772d ago

afterall half of the fun of coming to n4g is reading some of the ridiculous and half-assed statements made by them.

Bubble Buddy4772d ago

Yup, N4G would be kinda bland without them :)

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The story is too old to be commented.