Halo 3 LE images

Just when you thought you'd absorbed all the Halo 3 info that was leaked last week, scans of the latest Famitsu are starting to hit the web. There's plenty to look at, though most of it was in the scans of Level that were leaked last week. One little bit that was not in the scans is a picture of the Legendary edition. Taken from the Famitsu scans, the above image could be both the collector's and Legendary editions side by side, or possibly just the Legendary edition by itself. We'll leave the speculating to you.

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JPomper4461d ago

No thanks, I have enough crap crowding up my domicile.

PS360PCROCKS4461d ago

Exactly, for how long would that helmet be cool? Like a day probably, that's so lame, a good marketing ploy would be to give everyone a chainsaw with GOW, lol I'm totally kidding, but the helmet thing is just odd to me

Marriot VP4461d ago

can you wear the mask??, only if it'd fit would the package be worth buying

zonetrooper54461d ago

Well i'm buying this as it looks cool and i would love to be able to put it on and headbutt my friends in the stomach lol.

death monk4460d ago

can't really tell how big the helmet is, but to me it only looks slightly longer than the dvd cases. I could be wrong though.