Call of Duty: Ghosts To Release on November 5 for PS4?

Call of Duty: Ghosts To Release on November 5 for PS4?

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rajman2029d ago

Amazon had that listed for quite some time, thought everyone knew about it

bub162029d ago

And they gave everyone who are ordered an email telling you lol

Reverent2029d ago

You didn't even have to have it ordered, Amazon sent me an e-mail just because it was in my Recommended List.

Intentions2029d ago

I played some CoD: Ghost before (current gen) and looked through some next gen gameplay, it practically looks similar just that next gen versions have better lighting/textures.

Swiggins2029d ago

I've heard similar from a bunch of people.

The way I understand it is there's absolutely no need to buy Ghosts on Next Gen unless you NEED to have the best graphics and are big fan of Ground War.

This'll probably end up being the last game I buy on my 360 before I go Next-Gen. PS3 is getting Dark Souls II and Stick of Truth in March.

KonsoruMasuta2029d ago

Wait, Stick of Truth in March? They delayed it again?!

What the @*#%! My excitement just died quicker than Kenny.

Swiggins2029d ago

lol, you know what's funny Konsoru?

When I went to the Stick of Truth panel at Comic Con this year, Trey and Matt kept joking that they were gonna delay the game a dozen times because they kept hearing so many good ideas from the fans....

Now I'm beginning to wonder...XD

FamilyGuy2029d ago (Edited 2029d ago )

Wow that's a whole year, it was supposed to come out in March THIS YEAR. Are you sure you heard march and weren't just looking at some old info that said 2013?

I could swear I read in was coming out in december a couple weeks ago.


Never mind, I found it and I'm annoyed
"March 4th 2014"

WTF is going on at ubisoft? They've delayed a bunch of games an now I'm thinking that their reason why might be something bigger than what they said. "wanting watch dogs to have a truly next gen feel" or whatever.

venom062029d ago

HELLL YEAH IT LOOKS SIMILIAR.. it a garbage engine and you can polish a turd only so much, but its still a turd... the only difference between current and next gen CoD is a few more players and a little better resolution.. not much..

Bathyj2029d ago

It would be a smart move to let people get the game early. Future ps4 owners have already shown they won't wait for the game just cos the consoles not available yet. Would it be enough for someone to choose a console over it? I don't know but I'm may in some cases if they were on the fence.

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The story is too old to be commented.