Zelda 3DS XL bundle pre-orders open

Retailers have started to open pre-orders for Nintendo’s recently-announced Zelda 3DS XL bundle.

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GordonKnight2026d ago

I pre-ordered mine at Gamestop online on 10/29/13. How much will these sell for on Ebay once stock runs out?

ScubaSteve12026d ago

I don't think these will sell on eBay. Because the pikachu 3ds xl aren't selling.
I could be wrong that the Zelda ones won't buy it's a risk

DestinyHeroDoomlord2026d ago

I don't really like the gold, the pokèmon red and blue looked a lot cooler

KingOdin892026d ago (Edited 2026d ago )

Got a regular black 3ds, trying not to buy this. Only thing really holding me back is that I want a physical copy of the game and not the digital that comes with this.

GordonKnight2026d ago

You could anyways get one as a collector items and keep it sealed in the box.

KingOdin892026d ago

That's true. Lol, actually ordering it right now. Have no will power...

rainslacker2025d ago

PS4 launch in two weeks is keeping me from buying this. It is wholly a collector's item for me, as I have a standard issue 3DS XL(Red). I would have gotten the fire emblem LE, but it wasn't the XL, and the game was digital as well.

It's funny how hard Nintendo is trying to push digital. They even limit retail supply early on to up their digital sales. I find it ironic that it's mostly collectors that want these kinds of editions, yet they keep the physical copy of the game out of the mix, and collector's definitely prefer physical.

I fear real physically bundled packages are going to go this way for all console makers in the future.

KingOdin892025d ago

I definitely agree with you ranslacker.

Recently with The Wind Waker, they allowed you download the digital version about two weeks before the physical copy released. That had to suck for the people that really love that game and wanted the physical copy to play it. Kinda the same pain I'm feeling now with PS4 games being available to buy before the system comes out, lol.

I really wouldn't call myself a collector, but I do like to have the boxes and discs, especially for the games that I really like. I dunno, just makes me feel like I own what I buy and there's almost a certain euphoria when I have a bunch of games lined up on the shelf, opposed to having a bunch of digital icons on any system.

Wagz222026d ago

I walked into work and automatically said, Zelda haha

TwilightSparkle2026d ago

I pre order two yesterday one to sell and one for me

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