MP3 Support, DLNA and more features to follow on 2nd PS4 update

With yesterday's PS4 FAQ news being received with mixed feelings. The heads over at Sony seem to have taken back a desire to fight for the Living room with upcoming updates to support high demand features such MP3's, DLNA

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sigfredod2025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

Wow that was fast, good news, seems that the replace of my PS3 as my media center will be sooner than expected!

zeal0us2025d ago

Patience is a great virtue. Good things come to those who wait.

Hatsune-Miku2025d ago

glorious. thank you sony. im getting a ps4 first day.

LOL_WUT2025d ago

See this is what I like to see. When a fanbase of any company is OUTSPOKEN changes will be made. It's never late to speak up ;)

And as I always say better late than never.

Angels37852025d ago

I'm not surprised by this at all....of sony has done something consumers don't like as of late...they immediately correct it.

Almost like Yoshi goes to the PS4 team and goes "What the hell were you thinking??? Change that!"

scott1822025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

Nice, that was a very fast response.

Edit: All those people that fake cancelled their PS4 pre order will be so sad.

xHeavYx2025d ago

When the biggest complaint you get is that your console doesn't play MP3, you know you are doing things right.

Rimeskeem2025d ago

Well they did say

Greatness Awaits

MTEC82025d ago

That was fast, glad that's sorted out. Ask and you shall receive!

memots2025d ago

all that stuff was feasible on ps3 and on xbmc/pc

Is the Xbox one able to do it?

iamnsuperman2025d ago

I don't want to be that guy but how do we know this is real. Who is this Sony rep? I will remain cautiously optomistic

PeaSFor2025d ago

all the fake "canceled pre-order" drama queens will be confused.

Prime1572025d ago

Wait, I didn't even think it was that bad of an uprising, they just went, "Oh shit, a few people said this was bad, let's make it work."

FamilyGuy2025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

Any of you could go to either of the official ps blogs PS4 faqs page an see the comments, there are a TON of people that were upset about this. Whether you personally thought little of it or not there is a large portion of comments speaking up against it or saying how it's upsetting news. On top of that all the major gaming sites had stories about it where you saw EVEN MORE complaints from upset fans and trolls mixed in making it worse.

Sony wasn't about to sit back an ignore a healthy percentage of their fanbase when they had a problem. It's not like adding mp3 playback is some massively difficult task anyway. DLNA support is another story.

thereapersson2025d ago

Well thank GOD this is happening. I was not about to use their Music Unlimited service just to be able to play my music on my system. Too many awesome memories on my PS3 of using custom soundtracks in Wipeout HD and Super Stardust HD.

pop_tarts2025d ago

Unless you wait for an Xbox One...I kid I kid.

pyramidshead2025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

Not like it was ever a big issue...just an odd choice issue.

You'll be playing games mostly on your PS4 for the most part.

Glad to see Sony listen and step up to deliver.

RedDevils2025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

That is good news, especially DLNA and Mp3 is one of those I used the most on my ps3. Thank God Sony listen to their fans/customers

DragonKnight2025d ago

This is just more proof that Sony's focus was on games and games only first, everything else second.

Kayant2025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )


This is also backed by a mod on gaf.... Take that what you will. Either that's their source or its indeed a sony rep it's seems likely they would push forward with adding media stuff sooner rather than later seeing how they have been responding to feedback lately --->

NarooN2025d ago

How Sony & Microsoft operate:

Fans: Plz add mp3 n stuf kthx?

Sony: K lol, we'll add it in the next update.

M$: Gtfo buy a 360 #dealwithit #YOLO #SWAG

AKS2025d ago


That wasn't much of a wait.

I imagine some bean counters at Sony thought they'd try to push people towards their Music Unlimited service, but it's not worth risking when you're launching new hardware, especially considering how they've been in such good standing with the public with the pre-launch stuff.

ipach2025d ago

easiest use of patience ever. that change took like all of a day. my goodness.

mewhy322025d ago

This is another example of sony doin what the players want.

Revolver_X_2025d ago


A 180 is when you announce something then turn around and change it. MP3, DLNA was never considered at all.

Withdreday2025d ago

They should patch in PS3 support too!

Shake_Zula2025d ago

Yeah, very happy about the news although it's interesting that the next update isn't slated to as far back as early 2014. Not necessarily a bad thing, but definitely out of the norm as far as Playstation goes. Kinda makes you wonder how many updates the PS2 would have had if it were universally connected, huh?

ImG2theB2025d ago

At least they do their 180s quickly.

Ares84HU2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

That's all nice and great how you guys think that Sony is correcting everything people are voicing their opinions about.

But did everyone forget that the PS4 won't play PS1, PS2 and PS3 games??? I think that's just total bullshit.

How about we get loud on this topic and ask Sony to create emulators for the PS4 that you could get either for free or paid that would act as a virtual console for the PS1, PS2 and PS3 so you can go all nostalgia if you want to. I still play PS1 games very often and I'd like to continue. For the time being, I have to keep my PS3 to do that.

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Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II2025d ago ShowReplies(5)
Kingthrash3602025d ago s...all would be meaningless if not for things like this that sony is doing. CLEARLY sony is putting what gamers want run around.
when shu speaks he says truth and things like this are proof.
sony has my trust and my money...$400 out my pocket. it hurts my wallet but my mind is at ease because i know this is money well spent

M-M2025d ago

I expected something like that to happen fast, pretty much all of their new devices support it. All they had to do was simply add it on =P.

TheTwelve2025d ago

Sony continues to show that they're very serious about owning this gen.

Hellsvacancy2025d ago

The news has certainly pleased me

MysticStrummer2025d ago

Wow all those jokes from the Micro-minions about playing MP3s are already irrelevant. That was fast.

Well, UnHoly_One did ask (sarcastically) to be directed to the subscription he could pay to play music on PS4.

There's no subscription, but I PMed this article to him anyway.

slapedurmomsace2025d ago

This is great news, but if the system had the ability the whole time, why shut it out to begin with?

ZodTheRipper2025d ago

"Shutting something out" is not the same as not implementing it.
They simply focused on other things in development but as you can see by this response, they clearly didn't mean to "shut it out".

slapedurmomsace2025d ago

They focused on other things so much they did include the capability in the hardware and OS. They clearly didn't mean to shut it out so much by their response? Are you kidding me? If they didn't mean too, why announce they aren't including it? Why go outta your way to announce you're gonna do something you didnt mean too? They tried to push their music and video unlimited services. They are just a helluva lot quicker at change policy's that the public doesn't like than most corporations.

wsoutlaw872024d ago

what are you talking about? of coarse the system had the ability, they just had to write the software. Its not like they blocked it for no reason. The update will add the capability to the ps4

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hulk_bash19872025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

When I first heard about it I wasn't really mad as I wasn't taking advantage of the features anyways. The the lack of it(especially the mp3 support)seemed odd though. But in any case good for those people that do use the features.

Games_R_Us2025d ago

Wow so Sony does a 180! Wow and the crowd goes wild.

Oh wait, its Sony, that shit must be cool then.


hulk_bash19872025d ago

Difference is they werent fighting the backlash and insisting theyre way is better. sony noticed a backlash and quickly calmed the storm. Microsoft on the other hand defended their policy until the backlash started affecting sales projections.

Kryptix2025d ago


Very well said, for example, if Microsoft announced the return of used games being playable the next day after reveal, wouldn't that mean that they received the feedback of their fans to heart so they changed it quick?

The problem really persists that Microsoft doesn't quickly recognize good versus bad, like they have to pull up a chart to calculate losses before making decisions. It's always going to give better reactions if you listen then act quickly than putting money or laziness first. Microsoft is mostly like, "eh, we'll see what happens."

ashcroft2025d ago


You nailed it. MS heard everyone's cries and they told everyone there's a device called an xbox 360. When Amazon told them they were being outsold 16-1, that's what bothered them.

Sony has had bad press since the psn hack and are constantly trying to make it up to us. They don't want you to hate them as it kills the point of trying to make it up. So they listened, The difference between 2006 and 2013 is that we have alot of power with social media, mainly twitter.

We can reach the people that matter to help them know what we want. Unlike calling a company and dealing with customer service where it's all about procedure.

insomnium22025d ago

I KNEW someone was going to call this a 180. I effing knew it! Anything to make MS seem less of an a-hole. I mean the fact that these things have ZERO in common means jack s*it to you. You guys will go to ANY lengths.

UnholyLight2025d ago


I think that's why Don Mattrick was quickly thrown into the air and punted in the ass as hard as the rest of Microsoft could.

Seriously, whoever approved him to say "There's an Xbox 360 for that" should be smacked over the head.


Back-to-Back2024d ago

Clearly the xbox fans were happy about the MS 180s, why do you think you see more xbox fans now, then what we saw at e3? 180s are fine as long as they benefit the customer.

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Cuzzo632025d ago

Whats even more puzzling is that the Xbots are not even bashing this...

MasterCornholio2025d ago

That's because of how fast Sony responded to their fans. Microsoft on the other hand took forever to implement the 180s because they were waiting for preorder numbers from retailers.

Nexus 7 2013

Yetter2025d ago

Sure it was quick but the article does not make any mention of DLNA support. (except for the title of course)

asmith23062025d ago

Said it yesterday that they would patch this in within a year. The complaints I heard here yesterday about this were outrageous, some even saying they would cancel their pre-orders. Fanboys are a fickle bunch.

Brix902025d ago

"Sony 1080p" I fixed it for

RedDevils2024d ago

Now I understand why M$ didn't called their next xbox 720, 720p lmao

Back-to-Back2024d ago


Would not read again

LonDonE2025d ago

Nintendo fans take notes!!!
This is exactly why i hate when people say Sony phonies or Sony drones! we are far from that for the most part! if we see b.s we call it out, and because Sony is more consumer focused then its rivals they usually give us what we ask for.

This is the nintendo fan base's biggest flaw, just look how many monumental cock ups nintendo has made over the last few generations, never mind years.
And they will never change, why? because of the nintendrones who throw a hissy fit whenever someone criticizes nintendo for their cock ups! its annoying as hell i really love nintendo and Sony and have been gaming over 27 years (am 30 so do the math!) and to see nintendo in their current state is sad,and what makes it worse is to see the fan base and nintendo management dig their heads into the sand and claim nothing is wrong!

Seriously anyone claiming their not is PLAIN DELUSIONAL!
Nintendo has serious problems right now and i wish some times they were more like Sony. Sony have always put the core gamers first and i am grateful for it.

Nintendo on the other hand is clearly more casual gamer focused now,hence all the b.s we have seen!
When will they realise that unless we speak up they will never change, its why i love the Playstation nation even though i usually buy every platform and game on pc too, the community is awesome on PSN! BEYOND EVERYONE! AND GAME ON FOREVER!
Don't take no shit from no corporation, without us the consumers they are NOTHING! and please for the love of god nintendo fans, rally together and stop putting up with mediocrity!

When x1 and Microsoft tried the drm crap, fans spoke up, and Playstation didn't follow suit, which forced Microsoft to change their policies, when Sony made mistakes with ps3,and now this mp3 rubbish Sony fans spoke up, now ps4 seems to be the king of gaming all over again like ps2, now nintendo fans need to speak up and make nintendo change for the better, we as gamers deserve better then what nintendo has been giving us! They are lazy now,and need to show us the core some more love, every generation the core nintendo fan base has been shrinking more and more,the wii sold like mad but it wasn't the core gamers it was casual grannies and women! most played it a few times and then left it in the closet.

And so if you see the nintendo console total sales for the last 3 or so generations you can clearly see the core fan base leaving nintendo consoles! The total system sales for each of their consoles has been diminishing this is a problem which has been going on for a while,and likewise the lack of third party support is another problem which nintendo has failed to rectify over almost 4 generations! this is unacceptable for me as a nintendo fan! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!

nosferatuzodd2025d ago

well said i couldn't have said it better my self

Ol_G2025d ago

please just play your glorious playstation drone

TCompton42024d ago

I would disagree simply because as a consumer Nintendo offers me everything I want in a game console and IMO the best 1st party titles on the market. So I wouldn't complain to Nintendo because the Wii U meets all my needs in a console. With Sony or M$ consoles I'm stuck paying extra money for unnecessary hardware power and features I won't look twice at.

General Pinky2025d ago

Has anyone read the article by any chance. There was no mention of a update just a decision about the features that are missing with the team. Don't know how that was translated into the 2nd update for the PS4.
All I have to say is we need to change their minds about this before the console comes out because I don't want another situations like the party chat on the PS3.

Cable2kx2025d ago

Hey do anyone know if in the first patch the HDCP is being removed? Or no word on this?

Sitdown2025d ago

Glad to see this is happening....but for the people saying this was fast....has a date been announced for the 2nd patch?

Anon19742025d ago

I wasn't terribly concerned by this. The PS3 launched with considerably less features then it enjoys now and additional functionality was added over time. Sure it's be nice if it did everything right out of the box, but you never know what's going to be a feature that's in demand. Still, I think MP3's and Media Streaming would have been two no-brainers. I get they want everyone to use their music and video streaming services, but let's be realistic here.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2025d ago

That was fast? Good news? This is the worst article I've ever seen. They completely made everything up. Nowhere does that tweet say anything is coming, and yet this site acts like they asked Yosp those specific questions and got an answer back from him.

This is incredible. And look at you Sony fans eat this up. There is no truth to this made up article. Read the article people... look at this madness! You guys will believe anything.