What I'd like to see Nintendo learn from the PlayStation Vita

Digitally Downloaded writes: "Without a doubt the Nintendo 3DS is the more successful handheld console, but there's a lot of merit to the Vita as well. I can't help but think the 3DS would be even better if Nintendo looked at some of the things that Sony was doing with its device, and realised that they would be quite easy to replicate on its own handheld monster."

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BullyMangler2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

well to be honest, the Vita does what EVENTUALLY any handheld would have sooner or later, nothing UNIQUE or INVENTIVE about it. but Stereo Scopic 3D? now thats risky, yet Nintendo succeeds. vita dsnt even have 2 screens for ultimate gameplay mechanics.

Nintendo doesnt need to learn anything from the Vita.

If anything the Vita needs comfort, and really good NEW games .

Just imagine Nintendos next handeld.

poor sony

Axonometri2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

Having two screens on one mobile device is not even necessary.

A device with one screen can simply have a button written to enable a second screen. In fact, couple more buttons and you have multiple screens. Imagine that.

Might want to go read up on game mechanics also...
Happy Hauntings

sincitysir12027d ago

This guy sounds drunk. Thank god for his one bubble.

I actually just bought a 2ds which I prefer over a 3ds but I honestly don't think 2 screens does much besides show a map. I have noticed that ds games used the botom screen way more than 3ds games. They're honestly just better looking but not much different in terms of what was on the ds. Obviously the better sales means better games. If more people put faith in the vita I know it could deliver. I love m vita but it could definitely do with more games like killzone merc and the upcoming tearaway. Btw I do feel the 3ds games could learn from vita games in terms of story and gameplay. 3ds doesn't have many story driven games which is sad. Re was good tho.

mikeslemonade2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

Software is what sold the DS. The DS orginally wasn't a hit when released. People laughed and mocked about the two screens. If you switched the software library the PSP and PS VITA would have sold more by now.

Don't believe me..? Look at the Wii U it has a intersting system but all it has is ports and multiplatform games. However it doesn't get all the multiplatform games. Sound familiar..? Yep the PSP and Vita are largely getting ports with a few exclusives but have still managed to well despite that fact.

And Nintendo is too cheap to make a DS as strong as the Vita. They probably would make something as strong as the PSP first considering there always one generation behind now.

zeal0us2027d ago

I wouldn't say 2 screens are necessary for "ultimate gameplay mechanics" , imho.

It just something Nintendo did to make its handheld unique. If their device still had one screen it would just be an upgrade version of the GBA.

snitch_puck2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

I totally agree with you. But let's not bash this guy just because of him reasoning that two screens make an "ultimate gameplay mechanics" the 3DS is good in a different way, although, that kind of remark still made me laugh. XD

snitch_puck2027d ago

dude, your fanboyism exceeds any kind of ignorance I could ever think of. But i respect your opinion. Both handhelds are awesome, I'll give you that. In different ways, both the Vita and 3DS shine like diamond and, mind you, I'm loving Pokemon X. But to be honest, that's the only game I'm playing on my 3DS nowadays and, after that, I go change to my Vita. Why? Contrary to your belief (and outdated at that) the Vita has so many games that i am losing count. Merely the indie titles alone keeps me from playing my PS3 on the living room. So before you bash the other platform and look at it with pity eyes, you should look at both sides like you are loving them and you'll get my point. Vita sales are going up and the games are getting more awesome. Maybe you should try Soul Sacrifice, Killzone Mercenary, Dragon's crown, and the upcoming Tearaway? the Vita has a lot more features than you believe and the online community is awesome. So yeah, I don't blame you. But still, isn't it pathetic to downright point out hate just because an article favours a platform you don't support and makes low of the platform you love?

UltimateMaster2027d ago


If you actually own a Vita, you would realize how stupid your comment is.

Both system are great in their own Way, but truth be told, the Wii U didn't sell that much.

So I am to wonder, 3DS owners, what are you waiting for to get a Wii U?

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FlyingFoxy2027d ago

My complaints of 3DS.. only 2 really, the system could be more comfortable (rounded sides like PSP & Vita) plus it could do with a better thumbstick with more grip, current one gets a bit slippery. Couldnn't hurt to have slightly bigger buttons too, i'm sure it's fine for kids but they could really do with being a bit bigger.

Einhert2027d ago

Because the 3DS XL really doesn't have rounded edges.

Otoshigamisama2027d ago

Lol bullymangLer is here again to bash the Ps vita, SMH

TwilightSparkle2027d ago

it'll be cool if they combined there handhelds together it'll kind of look like the pspgo but 5 inch screen at the 4 inch bottom, slide up 3ds mode close vita mode, best of both worlds. yeah right only in my dreams : )

Einhert2027d ago

I think its Sony who needs to do the learning looking at the recent sales

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