My Brief PlayStation 4 Experience

"There is a lot of excitement brewing around the launch of next generation consoles, and the one that has generated the most attention this go round has been the PlayStation 4 (PS4). So when I heard that people can get an early opportunity to see and play with a PS4 at a local Sony Store, I decided to take advantage of it."

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C0LLAT2032d ago (Edited 2032d ago )

I ended up watching a unboxing of the DS4 from this articles site. I like how the light bar pulsates while being charged :)

SpitFireAce852032d ago

Good article i cant wait for a Magma Red DS4..
when ever they start selling them.

clewis942032d ago

Nice i have ordered the wave blue DS4.

KimoNoir2032d ago

Renting a BF4 server when PS4 comes out. Recruiting for a 32 man team.

Add me on my n4g profile and message me your email or any way you prefer me to contact you

ExPresident2032d ago

If it doesn't work out join an already great team, with really good organization, and a love for Battlefield - Digital Kings -

Best of luck dude :)

PS4isKing_822032d ago

Got my DS4 last week at gamestop. Love the feel of it. Can't wait to play cod ghosts with it at 1080p 60 fps :)

nosferatuzodd2032d ago (Edited 2032d ago )

lol why you of to take a jab at the other guys lol

GryestOfBluSkies2032d ago

ha! thats the mall i go to. its about 5 minutes away from my job. i also played ps4 for the first time there a few weeks ago. small world.

TristanPR772032d ago

I am playing black ops 2 with the DS4, I got to say it is really good, I have more precision and the triggers are sweat. It feet naturally on your hands. You want to know the only problem I found? Well, that I dont want to use the DS3 anymore.

Tomorrow my fellow gamers is November 1st, we are at the last lap on this unbearable wait.

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