Don't worry Europe, SCEA is listening

European members have recently been venting their frustration at the poor level of service they have been receiving from SCEE and have been asking for a service equal to that provided by SCEA. The issue has also been brought up by the member on the US Playstation Blog who asked yesterday if the US blog could global.

Jeff Rubenstein, Social Media Manager, replied saying "We know that there are a lot of readers coming here from beyond North America (notably the UK, Oz, Germany, and more). We're in the process of working out how to make sure your needs are addressed. We hear what you're saying."

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cloud360-7th_account3830d ago

hell yeah they are. i say so
-Yung Ho

Lumbo3829d ago

I have no problem with them listening, but i have a problem with them NOT ACTING regardless of the listening.

The missing "demo" section in the store is just one example on how far from the fanbase certain parts of SCEE are. And from any rational interfacedesign, too.) A store is not supposed to be some kind of hide and seek game, even though i like the new look better than the old one.

Phoenix173829d ago

THey are listening what service wouldn't listen to their customers *cough* MS O man i had something stuck in my throat lol >X)

kalel1143829d ago

in creating a US,Japan,Hong Kong account? I guess I just don't get the constant crying about content, when it will literally take minutes to open another regions account.

Blackcanary3829d ago

You might be able to open a Japan account or hong kong or USA but no matter how much you want to you can't buy nothing from them if your from Europe.

Lumbo3829d ago

well of course you can buy from the US store if you are from Europe, i do it all the time. No one could expect me to wait half a year for Pain to be released in Europe :p

But creating an account in a different Zone is not the issue. The issue is that people expect professional treatment from the people who are paid with their money. The US Team seems to have managed that, a blog, a reasonable sorted store and reasonable content updates. The EU team failed at that basic customer relation course though. Content always late, but as compensation twice as expensive as the US version. No preview, no demo section, no blog. But a load of handy excuses in case people ask about it ...


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The story is too old to be commented.