Tiger Woods Is Coming Back To Video Games

Woods agent Mark Steinberg has confirmed to ESPN that he’s already “in negotiations with another company regarding Woods’ video game rights”, adding: “We had an incredible run.

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theXtReMe12028d ago

Looks like 2K is throwing its chips into the golf game.

3-4-52027d ago

OMg 2k Golf would be amazing.

They are already the best at Dynasty/Franchise modes in sports video games.

Basically Tiger Woods PGA Tour has been the same since around 2007-2008

The newer ones added a bit more realism but it never became any more fun.

xKugo2027d ago

I hope it's 2K games or some Sony studio willing for making a golf game that's actually good.

prodg522027d ago

I loved playing a few rounds on PSP. I didn't think I would like a golf game, but these were really fun. I'm glad he's found a new home at another studio.

Sarobi2027d ago

I'd buy it if it was from 2K.

FlyingFoxy2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

I think i played the Tiger woods 2003 or 2004 one or so on Xbox, i liked the guys doing the commentary on that one, it was pretty funny.

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